Violinist David Garrett Strikes Back: Countersues Pornstar & The Luxury Companion Kendall Karson over Alleged Extortion Plot

International Sex Trafficking Ring = pimps + hookers + johns = Extortion

EDITORIAL: This woman is no stranger to the nastiest stuff a human being can do to another human being through sexual degradation and abuse, which is what these Porn Valley hookers were broken down with and then build back up to serve the same to others. Guaranteed he didn’t have to talk her into anything she’s describing they did. Was probably her idea. Deeper she can take him, the deeper she knows she can get into his pockets. That is the job of  your hookers, boyz!

We can all ask which came first, the chicken or the egg? The truth is, these two really do deserve what happens to each of them. Neither one wins in this situation. They both need to grow up and get some therapy. Prostitution is a crime for a reason. I’ve said before, we can decriminalize the prostitutes because if they’re hardcore hookers, they’re breaking many other laws so the bad ones can still be taken down!

Not that I’m not dancing gleefully around my house these days as we watch these stories bring forward the truths we’ve been talking about for several years now. It’s a bittersweet victory at best. There was a time when this woman was a young innocent girl. You have to ask what she has gone through to allow herself to become someone’s sex slave where she takes money to let men sexually and physically abuse her, urinate and defecate on her and degrade her in even worse unspeakable ways? Problem is, she hasn’t been a victim for some time now. Now she’s a criminal hooker.

David and the other victims Alexandra Mayers has reported about in the video following this piece below are just a small sampling of what is really happening out there. Even Lisa Ann has recently shared her vast knowledge about the extortion schemes of the hookers in the Los Angeles porn industry. Problem is, neither the johns or Lisa Ann are willing to talk about the pimps who are the masterminds who hatch these plans. There are many of their victims out there. Many whose power and influence is being exploited in harmful ways to all of our societies. Only their silence allows this all to continue. It’s unfortunately always the victims who protect those who victimize the most!

While I call the men the victims here, in 2016, if you don’t realize that pimps and hookers work for organized crime networks and your chances of becoming the victim of a crime are quite high when associating with these criminals, you’re purposely living in a fantasy world. And that’s exactly why these guys are such easy targets for pimp con artists aka grifters aka scammers aka EXTORTIONISTS. None of you men deserve the money you throw away trying to live your pathetic little fantasy worlds like you’re somebody special. YOU’RE NOT!

While you don’t deserve to be a victim of these crimes, if you keep going back for more, who really is to blame here? I, for one, can’t keep feeling very sorry for you. You need to learn that life is not all about you. You need to learn that it’s a egregious violation against our own humanity to use and abuse people like you do!

This is why prostitution must be illegal for both pimps and johns to participate in. Pimps create and run these extortion rings. They are not sex workers as Amnesty International wants to call themselve. They are the masterminds.  Johns are going to have to help get rid of pimps or never be free again. Same for the girls. Pimps will not let you go, because they know how much they can market you for. You will not be free by taking this poisoned money. It enslaves you deeper inside the rabbit hole with every dollar you take. You will only be free once you expose your pimps and decide you no longer want to be a sex slave TO men FOR men.

As far as the johns go, criminalizing the purchase of sex and prostitutes is for their own safety because they can’t seem to think with their head with the brain instead of the head of their penis. Sexually transmitted diseases and becoming a victim of crimes are pretty much a sure thing if you’re hiring hookers. Your overall life will degrade along the way. John schools work. Once you’re educated, you’re less likely to participate in such HIGH RISK BEHAVIOR. Problem is, because pimps are running America these days, no one is educated about this evil. Instead, buying girls to fulfill men’s fantasies is being pimped as empowering to women and a right for men. Even corrupt liberal feminists declare this is true. Really, how much more of a sucker does one need to be? You all need to wake up and grow up. Either that or you burn in Hell by choice.

It must be made part of our Universal Declaration of Human Rights that pimps and johns DO NOT have a human right to buy and sell human beings. Just keep following along and check out our videos at When you’re done, I’m willing to bet you’ll agree!

(PS. That is, unless YouTube keeps letting the pimps delete them all!)

TRANSLATED from Solinger – Updated: 23:06:16 13:16


Meeting soon in court. David Garrett and his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youdan

New York – His ex-girlfriend, Kendall Karson, a Los Angeles pornstar and illegal prostitute for the sex trafficking ring ‘The Luxury Companion’, accused him of abuse, but David Garrett defends himself: He is suing the porn actress in return. What  she should have done is in the official record.

The allegations against him are heavy, but now star violinist David Garrett (35) fights back. He has filed a lawsuit in New York court against his ex-girlfriend in response to their abuse allegations, has countersued in the millions. He responds to the assertion of the porn actress Kendall Karson aka real name Ashley Youdan (28), that he had forced them to hard sex practices that inflicted bodily harm and was detained against their will in his apartment.

The official court documents to suit David Garrett are since Wednesday the German Press Agency. David Garrett calls for damages of ten million dollars in the lawsuit filed in New York on Tuesday. His accusation: The porn actress had forged a plan to extort him from the beginning.

David Garrett: His money was squandered for sex parties with her friends.

According to court documents, Youdan and Garrett led a checkered relationship, their love was faked and thus she swindled hundreds of thousands of dollars from him. From the first meeting she had the plan to exploit it. They took root within a few days of entering into his life, to rashly call her his fiancée and use the privileges of life by being at his side. “You traveled with him in luxury and quickly moved into his New York loft apartment,” it says in the application.

He even had the wish that she end her porn career and her work at The Luxury Companion illegal escort service for the good of the relationship. In reality, she continued both jobs secretly. At the same time, she had feigned a new career in real estate and it demanded of him tens of thousands of dollars. They spent this money on parties for their friends from the sex industry.

David Garrett: He had been blackmailed by Ashley Koudan

When Garrett had decided to end the partnership for its “relentless demands for money and their reckless lifestyle”, she “threatened to destroy his reputation if he doesn’t pay her large sums of money” – it is said in the court papers. When she threatened to divulge details about his private life, the two had signed a confidentiality agreement with a payment of $ 300,000 (265,500 euros) in return.

After the payment of a first installment of $ 15,000, they got called by a lawyer. $750,000 was presented by her attorney about two weeks before damages in the amount of $ 15 million were submitted (13.2 million euros). The lawsuit still have it before submitting to the Court the newspaper “New York Post” provided and currently trying to details about Garrett’s private life to the highest bidder, media in Germany sell.

A process could probably start in early August, attorney Hayes dpa said Wednesday.

dpa / mm

Here’s the real story that you won’t find media pimps talking about in America!

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