Serenity Haze Says: Behind Closed Doors – Listen To Your Instinct!

I want to share a story with you guys!


I was on set with a producer which was also the creepy male talent. This dude made me very very uncomfortable. He changed the scene without contacting my agent and lied about it so I refused to do that part of the scene. He then got angry. Well, we finally got through the boy girl part of the scene with his friend (very weird) and then his friend left and it was time for my first anal with the producer/male talent . He has been around for years so I thought it would be a good experience. (NOOOOO) He started eating my v***a (fine okay) but I didn’t enjoy it. Then, he slid his finger in my a** slowly and the lube he used really burned. I told im multiple times to STOP and he wouldn’t. I told him it burned & he kept telling me to stop complaining. I finally got pissed off and kicked him in the face and left. So the bastard told my agent that I was rude and disrespectful and he was not paying me. 3 days ago he released the footage he did not pay me for. Be aware ladies and gents!

I want to spread the word about this type of situation so you can hopefully prevent this from happening to you! And remember, if you have a bad feeling or do not want to do something, YOU are in control of yourself! Your body = your decisions!

Serenity Haze

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