Stalker Michael Whiteacre aka Ari Bass Arrested for DV Again…And Now He’s Rent Boy ‘Alpha Mark’ Too

EDITORIAL: Ari Bass was one of the porn industry’s most feared stalkers. Then he was exposed for the criminal he is. He pimps his wife who he also beats and is regularly arrested for but Las Vegas seems to move slow on domestic violence. Now, the little psycho leprechaun is pimping himself as well.

Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre aka Alpha Mark (his hooker name) is a very dangerous man to get anywhere near, especially as a john/client. Anyone doing business with him or his wife are likely to become victims of extortion, theft and who knows what else. These two will take any information they dig up on their targets and exploit it to extort what they want from their victims. Obviously they need money desperately since they’re both pimping themselves out to the masses.

Guess stalking pornstars, ex-pornstars and anti-porn activists ain’t paying like it used to!!


Illegal Nevada/California Prostitutes: Christina Parreira and Ari Bass

This time the charge is “DESTROY OR INJURE REAL/PERS PROPERTY OF ANOTHER,” no word yet on who the “other” is but you can bet its his punching bag wife Christina Parreira.

In other news Uncle peg aka Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre lost his appeal on his domestic violence charge.


And last but not least the Funniest part…from a reader:


It hasn’t been an easy year for Ari Bass, aka the former Michael Whiteacre, aka the current and forever Uncle Peg. Between his many arrests for domestic violence, his public feud with Sean Tompkins of TRPWL, and his suspension from Twitter, poor little Ari just can’t seem to catch a break. Out of a writing gig at TRPWL and facing numerous criminal charges, it seems Uncle Peg, at the ripe age of 49, has been forced to turn to the world of sex work as his only means of survival.

Introducing Ari Bass’ latest incarnation: Alpha Mark.

Yes, little man Ari Bass, with his rotten teeth, chicken legs, and pigeon toes is alpha as fuck.

I can’t decide which is more laughable: The fact that Uncle Peg has resorted to prostituting himself on the internet or that he considers himself to be an alpha male. Fellow woman abuser War Machine also has a thing for doing “alpha male shit” so perhaps Uncle Peg is using the term “alpha” as code for his penchant of slapping his wife around with a flip flop.

For someone who hasn’t held much of a job in the past few years (other than riding the coattails of his wife, fellow prostitute and domestic violence aficionado Christina Parreira, aka Goddess Vienna), it seems puzzling why all of a sudden Uncle P- ahem, Alpha Mark is eager to start making his own money. Perhaps it has to do with one of Ari’s many upcoming court appearances.

For those keeping score at home, Ari Bass has been arrested at least three times for domestic violence related charges in just the past two years.

In May 2014, he was charged with felony Domestic Battery By Strangulation. That charge was later amended to Domestic Battery (1st) and he was found guilty in May 2015. While that case was under appeal, Uncle Peg was arrested twice more for domestic violence. In December 2014, he was arrested for Domestic Battery (2nd) although that charge was later dismissed. Most recently, in January of this year, Uncle Peg was again charged with felony Domestic Battery By Strangulation, which was later amended to Domestic Battery (2nd)..

Pending appeal for his first Domestic Battery conviction, the court vacated Uncle Peg’s most recent offense until after the appeal had been decided. On March 7, 2016, Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Rob Bare affirmed Uncle Peg’s May 2015 conviction and remanded the case back to the lower court. On April 20 2016, Henderson Municipal Court Judge Diana Hampton reopened the case against Uncle Peg for his most recent Domestic Battery offense. As if that wasn’t bad enough news for Uncle Peg, the court added an additional misdemeanor charge of Malicious Destruction of Personal Property. Ari Bass’ next scheduled court appearance will be a criminal arraignment for both charges on June 2. 2016.

Mrs. Ari Bass, aka Christina Parreira, aka Goddess Vienna, also has a pending Domestic Battery charge from her December 2015 arrest. A trial is scheduled for May 16, 2016.

Domestic violence is never okay, no matter if you’re married to Ari Bass or Christina Parreira. Let’s just hope the Las Vegas justice system deals with these two clowns accordingly. On a side note, if you’re interested in donating to the Ari Bass/Christina Parreira Defense Fund be sure to book them for some kinky cuckold fun next time you’re in Vegas. I have a feeling they’re going to need some extra money on their books for the jail commissary before too long.

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