Bree Olson, Ex Girlfriend of HIV Positive Charlie Sheen, Appears to Have Made it into REHAB

charlie sheen and bree olson - rehabAlexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary: Last month Charlie Sheen’s ex girlfriend/goddess Bree Olson (real name Rachel Oberlin) made it known to the public that she’s had a difficult time since leaving the porn industry to pursue a “mainstream” acting career.

Currently Rachel places the majority of the blame for her difficulties in life upon society  (how she’s been stigmatized as an ex sex worker and discriminated against as an ex pornstar).  However, over the past couple of weeks, she’s realized that she’s addicted to some medications that have been prescribed to her since she entered the pornographic industry at 18 years old.

In effort to further clear her mind and figure out her life, Rachel made the decision to attempt to enter a drug addiction rehabilitation facility. She created a GoFundMe account to raise the money to pay for her drug addiction treatment, but shortly after opening the account Rachel stated that GoFundMe froze the funds.  As of current the GoFundMe page is still active so it seems the funds have been released to her.

Rachel has shared many of her recent thoughts on entering rehab and other aspects of her life – some of the videos have been reposted on youtube as well.




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