Nevada Court Rules: Strip Club Dancers are Employees

EDITORIAL: Pay real close attention, Porn Valley. Nevada regulates and works hard to protect their sex workers. Same results you had in California. These girls are employees which mean they are protected under the laws of the United States. Independent contractor is only a term that pimps and pornographers use to sell the girls so they provide nothing to protect and provide for them as their rights as US employees.

Your time in Las Vegas is ticking to a close. You can run but you can’t hide!

STRIPPERS-2-popupbtw, does crawling on the floor picking up bills thrown at you really look empowering for women??

Associated Press

In a ruling that could prove costly for Nevada strip clubs, the state Supreme Court decided that dancers at one Las Vegas club are employees, not independent contractors, and are entitled to be paid minimum wage.

The unanimous ruling Thursday was issued in a class-action lawsuit filed in 2009 on behalf of dancers at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club.

It sends the case back to Clark County District Court for hearings to determine how much more than 6,600 current and former dancers at the club are owed.

Attorney Mick Rusing represented plaintiffs in the case.

He says the amount could reach $40 million, including back wages, plus the return of “house fees” the dancers paid the club to be allowed to work.

Attorneys who represented Sapphire didn’t immediately respond to messages.

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