RUSSIAN MOB: Democrat ‘War on Women’ Alarm! Charlie Crist Loves Donations from Strip Clubs Charged with Prostitution!

EDITORIAL: I had my suspicions. Charlie Crist and the law firm he worked at last, Morgan & Morgan, had a billboard in the parking lot of one of Pinellas County’s notorious Porn Valley related strip clubs until just recently when he announced his candidacy for governor and John Morgan came out fighting for legalized medical marijuana in Florida. It looked like Charlie was sitting on the roof when spotted from US Highway 19. It’s a well known fact that much of Florida’s strip club ownership and control comes DIRECTLY and HEAVILY from the Russian mob.

I’ve had some extensive experience with the Russian mob when first becoming involved with the porn industry in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm. The Russian owned strip clubs there are heavily involved in moving the girls from shooting porn into stripping and prostituting and vice versa. More than one pimp there tried to purchase my daughter for their stable.

I was booked and performed in a shoot for a Russian mob party where I was photographed with a handful of elders before the shoot began. The shoot was a spectator party at a mob member’s home in North Miami Beach. We were given Russian vodka I believe to be spiked and 4 females were gang banged by at least a dozen males. I was one of the females. I don’t know who I had sex with at that shoot. I was pulled off the sofa by a club owner’s bodyguard and taken to a room where I was held and forced to have sex with the owner. The party attendees each paid $250 to watch the live sex show. The video has never been released to my knowledge. I always wondered if it went into someone’s private collection!

I was almost gang raped by spectators at that shoot after being gang raped by performers and raped by a member. After the shoot was over, I was looking for my clothes to leave and was cornered by a group of men. No one was around us. They circled me, one pushed me over while another started to undo his pants. I started screaming and luckily, one of the male performers from my agency heard me. He broke up the crowd as nicely as he could since these men weren’t happy about being interrupted. Luckily he was like 6.5 feet tall and a bodybuilder to boot.This producer’s parties (called College Parties in the videos), ALL THE NEW TEEN GIRLS were booked to. I went to find out what they were going through because I had heard rumors of bad things. Almost every single girl who ends up in the porn industry went through this same experience back in 2007 and 2008. This is what Florida strip club owners are involved in. In Tampa, we’re battling child porn. And these predator pimps and pornographers would LOVE nothing more than to have Charlie as their new best friend with governing control over the State of Florida with its’ international ports. NO WAY!!

Just exactly WHO is paying Charlie’s way in this campaign? Organized crime!!

Governor Scott has been helping strengthen Florida’s trafficking laws. We still need to address the massive amount of pornography being produced and distributed out of our state. Democrats have proven their agenda includes not only protecting pimps, predators and pornographers but also propagating the violent sexual slavery of all females as both acceptable social behavior and as innocent entertainment. As Scott’s campaign slogan states, “Let’s Keep Working” to take down these PIMPS. It’s either that or Porn Valley will easily solicit Crist to move their full operations to Miami and turn Florida in a hardcore BDSM brothel.

Porn Beach, Florida is already their second home!

charlie-crist-strip-club-1Posted on Oct 25, 2014 at 12:37 PM

The Right Scoop by soopermexican

The Democrats sure are having quite a week in their war on women. CNN anchor and hypocrite Carol Costello gets slammed for laughing at violence on conservative women, Anthony Weiner can’t keep from being creepy on social media AGAIN, and now this – Democrat Gubernatorial candidate in Florida Charlie Crist acknowledges that he receives donations from strip clubs, and he’s proud of it!

Watch below:

But that’s not all, folks! From Fox News:

The contributions to Crist include $50,000 donation to his independent political committee from Joe Rodriguez, owner of Cheetah’s in Hallandale Beach, and $40,000 from two companies that operate the Scarlett’s chain, J.W. Lee Properties and S.B. Productions Inc.

Law officers investigated and raided Rodriguez’s club in 2009, charging 16 dancers and two managers with prostitution and cocaine possession charges. Rodriguez was not charged with a crime.

Charges against both managers were dropped and charges against the dancers either were dropped or reduced to disorderly conduct, said Luke Lirot, a Tampa lawyer who represented them. Lirot said the club is still operating.

A former dancer at the Scarlett’s in Hallandale has filed a class action lawsuit alleging its operators wrongly classified her and other dancers as contractors rather than employees, failing to pay them minimum wage or any wage at all.

Stay classy there Dems!!

Anti Human-Trafficking Advocates Blast Crist for Strip-Club Contributions

Gov. Rick Scott isn’t letting go of the fact that his Democratic opponent accepted $90,000 in campaign contributions from strip club owners.

The campaign released a statement Wednesday from three anti-human trafficking advocates blasting Democrat Charlie Crist.

The three advocates — Kristi House Executive Director Trudy Novicki; Safe and Free Florida President Frances Lee; and Niki Cross, a human trafficking survivor and founder of S.T.A.A.R. Ministry — said the problem wasn’t so much the money, but what it represents.

“Strip clubs devalue women and are often a place of prostitution, drug use and even human trafficking,” they said. “Ending human trafficking in Florida won’t just happen because of stricter laws. It will happen when we have a cultural change that has zero-tolerance for any mistreatment, abuse or demeaning of women.”

(It is worth noting that the past president of the Kristi House Board of Directors is Miami-Dade GOP Chairman Nelson Diaz. In addition, Cross has been featured in a past Scott press release.)

The two gubernatorial candidates have been battling for support from women as the election draws near.

Last week, Crist fired back with an ad saying Scott vetoed money for rape crisis centers. PolitiFact Florida rated the claim mostly false, concluding that the ad failed “to make it clear that funding for rape crisis centers increased under Scott’s watch.”

Scott has taken some heat on human trafficking, too. A campaign ad this summer highlighted a Cuban-born grocery store owner who who was convicted on human smuggling charges in St. Maarten four years ago. And the governor and his family trusts once invested in a website tied to sex predators.

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