Michelle Lopez Responds to War Machine Beating Up Christy Mack – Pornstars Deserve What They Get??


Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary:

michelle lopezI’m not sure really what exactly to think about this video by a young woman named Michelle Lopez (which is how I know I’m getting old – lol).

Unlike Lopez, I’m completely unable to “empathize” with Jonathan Koppenhaver aka War Machine as she appears to be able to.  I’ve always considered myself a fairly sensitive and compassionate person, but when it comes to this situation between Koppenhaver and Christy Mack, if what the public has been told about the situation is true, I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for him (especially considering his history).

I watched Lopez’s video twice, and I got the distinct vibe that she was either deeply infatuated with Koppenhaver or she was simply in love with him.  I began to wonder if she was really empathizing, or was there more to her thought process than what she revealed in her video blog?

I found Lopez’s twitter tonight and asked her about the video, which led me to her website www.MichelleLopez.net.  I probably should have read through her website prior to tweeting her, being that it’s provided me with with a tremendous amount of information as to who she is (she’s pretty open in regards to sharing her life).

It appears much of Lopez’s interest lies in following MMA fighters (specifically Roger Huerta and Koppenhaver).  Now, don’t get me wrong…she’s doesn’t seem to be the female equivalent of a porn industry “fan boi”… Lopez appears to have a life, be very adventurous, industrious and very independent.  According to her blog she’s building her career and is actively perusing her goals – in fact she’s a life coach (maybe she can give me some tips – wouldn’t hurt).

What bothered me a bit however about Lopez, was her twitter feed (but I’m not judging…especially considering my own twitter feed and “rants”).  I suppose I just took a few tweets rather personally – namely her tweet stating:

“If you have a dick in your mouth on the internet, your point is invalid”

That stung me a bit…but then it made smile and chuckle – because honestly, if I’d never made the choice to do even one pornographic scene, I know damn well, I’d agree with her – which says a lot for who I am as a person (doesn’t it).

michelle lopez 03Now Lopez did tweet me back a bit which was nice.  I shared with her my view on Christy Mack not being “dumb”, but instead naive.  Afterall, Christy is only in her early 20′s, has been surrounded by negative influences, users, people with financial agendas, etc.  In return Lopez let me know that she took the time to read through my blog a bit (and if she continues to read, I’m certain she’ll realize relatively quickly that I’m barely holding on to a shred of sanity – lol).

Anyways, I have a feeling that Lopez isn’t alone in her perspective in regards to Koppenhaver.  Little by little I’m noticing an increasing amount of support for his “side” of the ordeal (on twitter, in the mainstream media, etc).  I personally don’t feel I’d ever join “team War Machine”, but I think the supporters of Christy Mack in the pornographic industry (and Christy herself) probably need to prepare themselves for a a wave of people who share Lopez’s point of view.

We live in a society which views pornstars, strippers, sexworkers, etc as being “sub human”.  Initially that mindset doesn’t seem “right” or “fair”, but would I really want to live in a country (or world) where sexworkers are viewed as the equivalent to someone with a traditional occupation? Call me “self hating” if you like, but NO I would NOT – especially knowing what I know about the realities of the adult entertainment industry. I’ve resolved to accepting my life’s choices, but would I advise ANY other woman to EVER go into adult entertainment? No way in hell.

michelle lopez 02What I’d like many pornstars to realize is that women such as Lopez often DO have lower opinions of women with “a dick in their mouth” on the internet, so they’re not overly sympathetic when bad fortune falls upon them.  From Lopez’s perspective, women like Christy (and myself for that matter) made the choice to take the “easy money” and everything that comes along with it (which often includes a fast life, drugs, dangerous people, etc).

It appears Jonathan Koppenhaver aka War Machine actually believes Christy Mack is his property and that he somehow has the right to give her a broken jaw.

The porn industry likes to attempt to paint this skewed picture to pornstars while their active in the industry that the world is FAR more accepting of the realities of adult work than it actually is.  In the real world, many people view the concept of being a sex worker as just plain gross – because when it comes down to the technicalities of it – IT IS (I’m referring to the STDs, STIs, the illegal prostitution rings no one wants admit to being involved with, etc).

In addition, when people in the general public see how much money has been donated to Christy, many view that money as a “reward” for bad behavior and frankly, it pisses them off.  Not many people (including victims of domestic violence for that matter) will ever receive the amount of money which has been donated to Christy, so they WILL question as to whether or not she “deserves” it.

Now, I’m not certain as to how much Lopez is aware of War Machine’s interest and involvement with the pornographic industry – if she’s not aware of his history within the adult world, I invite her to read my recent analysis in regards to him.  From my perspective, Koppenhaver viewed Christy as a sort of “cash cow”, and from what I’ve been able to uncover…he had a backup he was grooming to take her place – a pornstar by the name of Karmen Karma (who also has been physically assaulted). What’s odd about the Christy Mack situation, is that yes, she’s a victim without a doubt, but the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be conveying how BOTH the porn industry and the MMA circuit in many ways cultivates men like War Machine to regularly act out violently towards women. That’s the key point I wish mainstream media would address.

To conclude, Lopez has every right to “empathize” with Koppenhaver, but I do advise that she be very careful making it known to the public that she’s as empathetic as she is towards him, because she may inadvertently attract a man into her life that rearranges her face as Koppenhaver did to Mack.  I noticed Lopez appears to believe in the “laws of attraction”, so I’m sure she’ll understand what I’m saying.

I don’t think anyone (sex worker or not) deserves to be abused.  In an ideal world, we’d all be equal, we’d all be compassionate, we all could essentially do as we pleased, no one would get hurt, and I’d probably embody more empathy… But the reality is – such an ideal world does not and will not ever exist. Regardless,  I’m glad I came across Lopez’s video tonight…it really made me think about who I’d be in an “alternate reality”.  Maybe this posting will help Lopez imagine (at least for a few seconds) what it might be like to be someone who’s made the choice to have sex on camera.


Read the complete Christy Mack police report which details Koppenhaver’s physical assault upon her here via www.MikeSouth.com (it’s horrific).

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