Pornstar Karmen Karma Nearly Strangled to Death by 101 Modeling Employee! Bad Experiences with LA Direct Models & The Luxury Companion Too!

Monica Foster June 27, 2014

Karmen KarmaKarmen Karma

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary:

Early this morning I received the jaw dropping email posted below from a 22 year old pornstar by the name of Karmen Karma. In the email,  Karmen tells a horrific account of nearly being strangled to death by a 101 modeling employee by the name of Kyle Breul.

I requested for Karmen to give me a call this afternoon prior to my posting this blog to ensure that she understood that she may receive a certain level of backlash from porn industry “professionals” who view her experiences as “part of the job”.

Karmen ensured me that after being an active talent in the industry for about a year and a half, she was ready to come forward with the truth of certain things that have happened to her.

Karmen Karma states that she is being advertised on The Luxury Companion without her authorization.

Karmen related to me via telephone today that initially she entered the pornographic industry by shooting for Joanna Angel (Burning Angel). Then later through Christy Mack, Karmen was referred to 101 modeling in January of 2013.

After a few months, Karmen began having issues with 101 modeling so in late May of 2013, she signed with LA Direct Models. Karmen stated that after signing a 1 year contract with LA Direct Models, Derek Hay (head of LA Direct), withheld work from her in effort to push her into escorting. In fact, Karmen stated to me that The Luxury Companion posted her photos on their site without her permission (the photos are still posted as of current).

After several months, Karmen went back to 101 modeling where she was not EVER booked for shoots of which she had the option to utilize condoms (and often she was not told who her scene partners would be).

As of current Karmen intends to work with Sandra of OC modeling for her future bookings.

Email to PornNewsToday from Karmen Karma June 26, 2014

Hello, my name is Karmen Karma, I’ve been in the industry for over a year and a half with 101 Modeling.

I recently decided enough is enough and am leaving the slime ball “agency”. As it’s been heard for quite some time now, their employee Kyle Breul (known to date rape women, rape women, beat women, and drive around the girls on countless drugs) has had a new charge recently pressed against him. He strangled me trying to choke me one morning as he woke up fucked up from drugs.  I thought I was going to lose my life as he strangled me around our apartment for 5 minutes.

When I finally broke loose, I had to run completely naked down my apartment hallways screaming for help. Thankfully a neighbor rushed me in to provide me clothes and a phone to dial 911 (she could hear the incident down the hall and my calls for help). By the time the police got here, Kyle Breul had fled the scene and has been hiding out from police ever since.

So the morning that this abuse took place, someone from the 101 Modeling office called me about 20 minutes afterwards wondering why Kyle wasn’t at work. In my panicked state of bawling my eyes out, I proceed to tell them through crying that Kyle was busy strangling ME, one of THEIR talents, and now running from the police. In an annoyed tone they tell me to have him call them later and hang up.

I figured maybe he didn’t understand the severity of the case, so I texted all 3 agents from 101 Modeling the severity and how scared I was and that I didn’t feel safe. NOT ONE OF THE THREE HAD THE DECENCY TO RESPOND ONCE.

About 5 days later of me nonstop calling the office, Bud finally tells me he doesn’t want to get involved in my “personal life”. Excuse me? I’m not bitching about my boyfriend, I’m bitching about my boyfriend who is YOUR employee and I am your female talent, therefore it is now involving 101 as well. All I wanted is to know my agents gave a little shit about me and would keep me away from Kyle, but I never got that safety net. Not one of them ever checked to see if I was okay.

They actually decided to book me for KINK.COM for a scene of me getting beat up and slapped rough two days later. Are you serious?

It took me texting Robert for TEN DAYS STRAIGHT to hear a reply. Some days I’d just have questions about work but he wouldn’t even respond to that!

When I finally threatened that’d I’d leave the agency if I didn’t hear from him he tells me to meet him at a bar (so shocking).So Robert gets wasted and doesn’t bring up the incident at all and says lets go to my house to talk. He drunkenly tells me to stay with them and then he does a shit ton of cocaine in my bathroom and leaves my house in a hurry all tweaked out.

REALLY? That was our “meeting”. 101 then proceeds to make me feel bad that they lost a driver. What slime balls have no problems with domestic violence against a female? Especially their employee who I found out later, has 2 other counts of domestic violence on prior girlfriends.

I tried to stick it through but I knew once this happened that I wouldn’t be with them much longer. As everyone knows, 101 Modeling has been slowly going downhill due to no work ethic and drugs. Slowly everyday I hear more girls and directors complain about how 101 Modeling is not professional. Whether it’s no information, wrong information, wrong rates, no communication, they are doing anything but what their job is, to represent me in a positive way. When I would get angry after multiple days, in a row mind you, of wrong information, Roberts justification is “It’s porn, this is what it’s like”.

Ummm, why am I paying you if you are not doing your job.  I understand no Agent will ever be perfect but at least know how to forward a girl her damn info, it’s really not that hard.

It came to the last straw today when I told them I will no longer be represented by people who treat me like complete shit. One of my best friends Kelly Diamond and I were hanging out, she confessed to me how shitty director Greg Lansky was being to her. For hours I listened to Kelly talk in fear about him, how he was controlling her and manipulating her, taking advantage of her being new and tricking her into doing scenes for free.

We talked forever and she realized how she was getting treated and privately called Robert to vent to him how Greg was mentally abusing Kelly, making her feel scared, threatened, and constantly felt like she had to do exactly as he told. Robert acted like he cared and that he definitely would not Greg work with Kelly again.

I had Kelly block Greg on her phone, for obvious reasons, he’s a complete psycho brain washing douche bag. About ten minutes of Kelly crying to Robert on the phone, she gets a phone call back from Robert, but guess who was on the phone? It was not Robert, it was GREG LANSKY, who she just told Robert, HER AGENT, she feared.

Robert played dumb like he knew nothing of the phone call, but HINT HINT ROBERT, 3 way calling still shows your caller ID.

So my message and purpose of this email a few different things: 1. To expose the reality that is behind this agency 2. Warn future porn girls of being with 101, where you will get treated like absolute shit 3. Warn future women about Kyle Paul Breul and maybe I’ll keep a girl away from being in an abusive relationship.

Kelly and I both have left 101 and have plans for a happy future in the Industry, without 101 or Greg Lansky involved whatsoever. I attached a screenshot of Robert not texting me after I got strangled (THESE TEXTS WERE FOR 6 AND 7 DAYS AFTER THE INCIDENT OF NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER!) and Court Documents about 101 employee drug addict loser Kyle Breul (emergency protection order, charges filed against him, police report, etc.)

Follow Karmen on twitter @KarmenKarma 

Karmen Karma emergency protective order

101 modeling ignoring Karmen Karma after her incident with their violent driver Kyle

Karmen Karma files a report with the authorities in regards to the 101 modeling employee incident

Karmen Karma paperwork

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