AB1576 Passes the Appropriations Committee – Thank You Isadore Hall and Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF)

isadoreMay 21, 2014 by Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster, commentary:

This morning the California Assembly Appropriations Committee (chaired by Mike Gatto) passed Isadore Hall III’s AB1576 bill which is set to ensure the health and workplace safety of adult film industry performers.

Thanks to Mike South providing a link on his blog www.MikeSouth.com, I was able to listen in to the hearing, and it was WELL WORTH THE LISTEN (oh the comedy and drama…).

I recorded the audio (it’s available through Mike South as of current), so at some point I may present to you, my readers, a video commentary in regards to my thoughts as to what was said…but for now, I simply want to thank California Assemblyman Isadore Hall III for all of his hard work and willingness to put his reputation on the line to essentially save the lives and well being of so many individuals  in the adult film industry who either don’t care about themselves and/or who have been completely misled by those they’ve entrusted their futures to.

In addition I want to thank the Aids Healthcare Foundation (especially Michael Weinstein) for their tireless work and efforts in regards to legitimizing the pornographic industry by supporting much needed  (and suggesting the enforcement of existing) legislation.

I’d like to give honorable mentions to:

Rand Martin (the AHF representative and lobbyist) – you were absolutely FLAWLESS today!  You might as well have been sporting wings, a halo and a flaming sword.

Cameron Bay / Cameron Adams (ex-pornstar) – you AMAZED me today. The strength, courage and intelligence you displayed at the hearing was remarkable and tells me that you have been sent by God to Earth to do WONDERFUL things far beyond what you most likely can imagine at this time. I’m so proud of you!

Mike Gatto (California Assembly Appropriations Committee Chair) – I heard the exact moment that you saw the truth when pornstars opposing the bill began to speak…thank you for being fair and caring about humanity(and the future) today.

Today is not the conclusion of the battle, however today marks a solid victory in regards to civil and spiritual rights!


ab1576 passes appropriations committee

 Even in the last days of this battle (as you can see below)…the Free Speech Coalition’s lies continue (regardless of  the TRUTH being known). Again, THANK YOU California Assembly Member Isadore Hall III and Aids Healthcare Foundation – I (and many others) are so grateful.

whoever runs the Free Speech Coalition twitter is blatantly LYING! Isadore Hall III knows the truth now and is not afraid to stop the LIARS in their tracks!

Below is the REALITY of what those in and attached to ORGANIZED CRIME PORN who OPPOSE AB1576 have done in attempt to SILENCE the TRUTH!

May 2014 Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster lawsuits truth of porn adult industry and orgranized crime

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