5 FACTS ABOUT PORNOGRAPHERS – #1 It’s a Business Title for Sexual Predators

1.  Men who consume porn become victims of a corporate takeover of their base sexuality. Pornographers know that through our sexuality, we can be made very vulnerable. A pornographer is simply a business title for a sexual predator. I never met one who wasn’t. It’s their business to prey on the sexually vulnerable. The porn industry’s agenda is sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone or anything. They say it all the time in public venues. For some reason, no one seems to hear the true reality of that!

2. The average porn video has the exact same 3 sexual positions and are filmed in a way so that when viewed, it can be fantasized that the girl is bouncing in the consumer’s lap or on his penis, per se. Same concept works sitting at a desk using a desktop or with laptop at your knees. Today’s porn is created in a very repetitive manner. It’s purposely edited to become 15-30 second flashes of genitalia in action, presented the exact same way in each porn scene. They’ve studied how to accomplish consumer addiction and then produced the products to make it happen. I sat on sets listening to the producers laugh at what they get away with as they fuel the consumer’s increasing addiction to more degrading and violent porn. They laugh all the way to the bank!

3. If you research porn industry players, you will find the vast majority of them have received psychology degrees. They send major performers to college for the same. This is not to learn how to help people have healthier sexualities and happier sex lives through legal sex work as they state in media. It is actually to learn the use of sexual energy for mind control over the consumer. The best con artists master how to exploit their victim’s wants, needs and weaknesses. The porn industry is made up of criminals looking for a easy target, a horny man with money and assets to steal or power and influence to exploit!

4. Pornographer’s products are not being regulated, monitored or evaluated for psychological damage or addictive qualities by any government agency. There is no enforcement of labor laws to protect the workers from disease, abuse, exploitation and sex trafficking. The porn industry distributes extreme porn to minors without repercussions so they easily groom their future consumers aka targets. This industry is blatant in their disregard for humanity and nobody’s enforcing our laws to stop them.

5. Corruption, bought with sexual favors and cash payoffs, runs rampant worldwide. This is an industry with full, unfettered access to the world’s basic sexual instincts, beginning in childhood now. This industry is nothing more than international organized crime syndicates whose business model is to tap into our most basic sexual instincts so they can push their agenda to legalize child sex and porn, incest and rape and BDSM torture of children and women. Oh, and let’s not forget bestiality. With these sexual predators, nothing and nobody is safe from penetration.

It’s their fantasy form of control. Invade from within!

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