Pornstar Escort Moratorium is in Effect until the LATATA & Free Speech Coalition Disband

moratorium-300x191Porn Star Hooker Alert by psha admin December 13, 2013

In the wake of yet another popular pornstar testing positive for HIV and having exposed a multitude of his peers to the deadly STD, the PornStarHookerAlert (PSHA) team has decided to issue a Pornstar Escort Moratorium – which will remain in effect until the Los Angeles porn industry trade organizations, the LATATA and the Free Speech Coalition, disband.

Both the Free Speech Coalition & the LATATA have proven themselves to be completely unprofessional, irresponsible and have entirely lost their credibility (visit for details on this situation).

As of today, The Guardian (a mainstream media outlet) reported that the LATATA’s and Free Speech Coalition’s belief that “Condoms & Porn don’t mix” is stupid – click here to read the article.

For years, the Los Angeles porn industry has consistently stated that STDs “come from the outside” into the talent pool – being that the majority of pornstars escort however, has come to realize that the only way to prevent additional active pornstars from  being infected by new strains of STDS (such as HIV), is to issue a statement for ALL PORNSTARS WHO ESCORT TO STOP ESCORTING WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC IMMEDIATELY.

As of current, it is unknown how many other pornstars may be infected with HIV, Hep C, Syphilis & Super Gonorrhea (we are currently still within a wide incubation window of the HIV virus strain which was just identified in pornstar TJ Cummings). For any pornstar as of current to escort with the general public is a MAJOR PUBLIC HEALTH RISK.

Pornstar escorts who are escorting illegally (and illegal escort ring operators, agents, bookers, etc.) that do not abide by this moratorium will face consequences.

It is suggested that pornstar escorts who want to continue working, contact one of the legal Nevada brothels for employment.

Dennis Hof of The Bunny Ranch has been informed of this moratorium, and the PSHA team is confident that he’d be glad to assist any pornstar who contacts him.


UPDATE: California State Assemblymember, Dr. Isadore Hall retweeted the warning earlier today:isadore retweeted moratorium

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