The Truth Behind AIM Healthcare’s Closure: Lawsuits? Debt? Theft? Where Did All the Money Really Go?

lega_pornEDITORIAL: Not surprising. Our lawsuit against AIM was thrown into this bankruptcy and after a year of stonewalling us on our right to the discovery the Federal bankruptcy trustee held and which had nothing to do with the bankruptcy, I was told our discovery had been destroyed. We wanted the contracts and login history of the producers who accessed our private medical records illegally which were not assets and not needed in the bankruptcy proceeding.

Those had nothing to do with monetary value and were not protected by ANY HIPPA laws. HIPPA records should’ve been the only records allowed to be destroyed in this active lawsuit. We had an open case on getting custody of the producer contracts. It was illegal to destroy them. Instead, I was told everything was mysteriously destroyed while in the Federal trustee’s possession. I’ve actually gotten 2 different explanations of what happened to our evidence. It’s been a year since I was notified of this illegal destruction and if you’ll remember, that’s when I dropped into politics because this obvious Federal coverup protected EVERY SINGLE major player in Porn Valley. To date, I still don’t have any truthful answers or any resolution from the court or anyone else for destroying 12,000 performers possibility of getting retribution and justice!

Porn Valley insiders have all lied in their porn forums and blogs about the entire path and ending results of our lawsuit. We were about to receive class action status for our suit when they filed bankruptcy. We had met a few conditions the judge required so the class action status was approved and the final filings were in the works. The legal formalities were all that was left to process. This is not the story you will read ANYWHERE in porn news yet EVERYTHING is a matter of public record and available for those who care to look. From the information below, though the lab debts were over $600K, our class action lawsuit would’ve been their biggest debt yet if we had won. If you read all the court documents, you will see we were on our way there 😉

Our suit, of which ALL performers in the database could’ve profited from, would’ve been worth millions against the main Los Angeles porn industry agents, producers and production companies, not to mention AIM, once class action status was to be finalized yet industry insiders are quoted as saying we were losing, the case was baseless and they had no real liability to worry about. As we were working through the lawsuit, reported 12,000 performers personal information was hacked from the AIM testing center’s illegal producer member area. Our lawsuit was for $1000 per performer whose records were illegally made available by AIM to producers and $1000 per each time a performer’s record was accessed for all the years the system was in existence. Then there were the producers who could’ve been brought into the class action based on their contracts and illegal accessing of our private medical records. Once the 12,000 performer breach was reported, Porn Valley knew we could own all of them so they filed bankruptcy, took the assets and ran. The former director, Sharon Mitchell, hasn’t been seen since and is reported to be hiding in San Francisco. Go figure!

Through our lawsuit, we also asked ‘Where did all the money really go” when AIM changed their non-profit to corporate status. This was another attempt to avoid our lawsuit and hide their assets. Well, technically, they outright stole the assets (no hiding to it) and AHF sued for that as well. When they couldn’t get away with stealing the assets here was when we were offered a small money settlement but no agreement for systemic changes so we declined. It was always about protecting the workers and not the cash. If there was any money to be won, my goal was always to build a holistic shelter for those looking to leave the porn industry. Currently, there is no actual exit program!

So the lab is not the only one who got ripped off. And we are not the only ones who have been wondering where all the money went. At this point, I mostly want to know who they paid and who in power and influence is involved for AIM and Porn Valley to keep getting away with all these crimes??

Again, our lawsuit is all a matter of public record for those who want to go look. I promised my attorney I wouldn’t post my copies so this truth, you’ll have to go see for yourself. Maybe the tipster below will keep going. Our lawsuit confirms their information below and the information confirms what I know. Anyone who continues to believe Porn Valley propaganda with all the TRUTH available out there TODAY doesn’t really want to know the truth.

They’ve chosen to keep their porn over humanity!!

aim closure

Porn News Today – MonicaFoster August 6, 2013

Monica Foster commentary: Well once again I’ve been contacted by an anonymous source… I’m far from a legal expert, so it will take me some time to root through all the information released to me, but I’ve heard from reliable sources who are “in the know” in regards to AIM Healthcare since the lawsuit filed by Diana Grandmason (fka Desi Foxx) that the Free Speech Coalition has lied to the public in regards to the reasons behind AIM’s closure for a long time.

I personally know first hand that Diane Duke (who was executive director of the Free Speech Coalition at the time) is a liar (either that or so clueless that it’s miracle she’s held the professional position of which she has), due to my one and only encounter with her at the first performers meeting for the APHSS. She told me directly that the Free Speech Coalition was taking care of Pornwikileaks, and we all know how that turned out – IT’S BACK!

desi lawsuit against aimDiane Duke has responded to my emails to the FSC in regards to Ari Bass aka Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins (of TheRealPornWikileaks) and has stated both individuals have absolutely NO affiliation with the Free Speech Coalition – which is odd considering that Sean Tompkins wanted to take credit for bringing down Pornwikileaks (of which allegedly attained it’s performer database from AIM).

What exactly was Diane Duke referring to when she stated the FSC “taking care of the problem”, if neither Ari Bass or Sean Tompkins have ANY linkage to the Free Speech Coalition? The truth will come out sooner rather than later…

Below is the direct copy from an email I received yesterday. Please view the attached PDFs at the end of this post.

The following documents are the official Bankrupty papers for AIM, both the original AIM, and AIM P.C.(AIMPC is the new business started after the original AIM went bankrupt.  The FSC has been telling the industry that the AHF, with its lawsuits, is what caused AIM to close. This is a complete lie, and these documents prove it.

A simple breakdown.

Original AIM total debt, $722,884.00

Amount owed to the lab that did their testing,$512,927.00 (over 70% of their entire debt was owed to the lab.

AIMPC: total debt, $350,840,,,of which $89,000.00 was debt that was carried over from the original AIM, so the real debt was $261,000.00 of which,$150,000 was owed to the labs.

Total debt of both AIM and AIMPC  $983,000.00 of which $631,000.00 was owed to the labs, about 66%

Where did the money go,  Everyone paid cash or credit card at the time they were tested, but the lab never got paid.  WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO??



<a href=";


Remember when AIM said they were closing for one week to remodel the clinic? We all knew that was not true. But do you also remember that they changed from a 501c3 non profit to a private for profit clinic?  And there was the patient information being posted on the pornwiki site.  And do you remember that while they had the license problem they said you could still go to one of the alternate locations to get your tests done?

Of course AIM was not remodeling, and many have been fed the lie that it was all these other things that caused AIM to close, the wikileaks, the lawsuits, etc.

But none of that is true.  They closed because they got cut off by their lab. Their bill got so big that the lab said pay up or we will not do your tests anymore. In the bankruptcy papers you see Westcliff Lab, Labwest, and Labcorp.  Westcliff was purchased by Labcorp, and did business as Labwest for a few months.  When the buyout was complete Labcorp said pay up or you’re gone. You can see in the bankruptcy papers that AIM made several small payments in the month preceding their closing, but it wasn’t near enough. When they closed for a week it wasn’t to remodel, they were looking for another lab, but nobody would touch them once they ran a credit check.

So that leave a few interesting possibilities, one being that the FSC and the rest of the industry had no clue as to the real source of AIM’s financial troubles, or they did know and lied to cover it up.  The bankruptcy papers do show that they owed some legal bills, but nothing compared to how much they owed the labs. Almost 70% of all their debt was to the labs, and the industry says it was the AHF that caused AIM to close?
So where did the money go?  Every patient at AIM paid cash or credit card at the  time of service, but AIM never paid for the tests. Even if AIM stiffed the lab for over $650,000.00  why didn’t they use that money to pay the legal bills?  They didn’t pay the lab, they didn’t pay the legal bills, so where did the money go?  Ira, Nina, Brooke, do you guys know where the money went?  And the bankruptcy papers also show that several long time employees got stiffed for a few thousand bucks each.

I have raised several questions here, but remember the old saying.  Never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to.    Stay tuned folks, it gets a lot more interesting.  Read the lawsuit brief very closely.   The lie that the AHF was responsible for AIM’s closure is dead, better come put with something quick FSC because the truth is much more titillating than the fiction you have been selling the industry.

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