PORN VALLEY: Isn’t LA Porn Tours Just One Step Off the Curb From Street Hooking? Don’t Get on the Bus!

June 26, 2012 0

Monica Foster commentary: When (well, more like if) I post new items on I’ll go in depth in regards to the multitudes of things wrong with the concept of LA Porn Tours – but for now I’ll just say DON’T GET ON THE BUS! If you’re a guy – don’t get on the bus due to it essentially just being a “John” recruitment mechanism for the illegal prostitution and escort activity which is the foundation of the Los Angeles porn industry…and if you’re a pornstar PLEASE don’t get on the bus because the situation is just one step off the curb from STREET HOOKING from my perspective.

I mean COME ON! A “tour” bus for the porn industry? The San Fernando Valley is NOT Disney World! The Los Angeles porn industry is not something ANYONE needs to take a “tour” of.  This situation actually reminds me of the pre-Civial War era when Northerners came down to the Southern United States to take “Plantation Tours” while slavery was still in effect.

Actually come to think of it, maybe  LA Porn Tours is what will finally bring an solid end to the Los Angeles porn industry…

I bet you’re wondering how that would happen…well I’ll tell you.

When pre-civil war American Northerners “toured” the South and took a good hard look at what slavery was REALLY about, they were so appalled at the disrespect Southerners had for their fellow man (sometimes in regards to how black slaves were treated…but more often how WHITE (often multiracial) slaves were treated), that they took to writing about it in the periodicals of the time…and it was of knowledge in regards to the situation to those who weren’t aware which finally caused the masses to realize something REALLY fucked up was going down in the South…and that action needed to be taken to correct the situation.

Click here for Charity Bang’s escort ad on CityVibe – she doesn’t need it anymore…the LA Porn Tours Bus brings potential John’s right to the curb for her…

article below courtesy

Porn enthusiasts, for the fancy fee of $399, you can be one of 30 passengers to join porn stars Charity Bangs and Brandi Belle on a tour of L.A.’s adult industry. We neither condone or condemn pornography, but we felt we should let you in on this possibly enticing offer.

Promising to take “lucky fans on the ride of their lives” on June 23, hostesses Bangs and Belle along with LA Porn Tours will cart passengers around to porn hot-spots in L.A. and the San Fernando Valley in a custom party bus. The night caps off with, as the release explains, “the opportunity to watch your guides, Charity Bangs and Brandi Belle, perform in an adult film.”

Tourists will be encouraged to participate in the production “through directorial input by encouraging favorite sex positions, and watching the performance live.” Viewers can also opt to appear in the film as extras.

The x-rated tour itinerary is as follows:

“Starting at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Hollywood, the tour stops will include the Bizzy B Boutique, Spearmint Rhino Van Nuys Gentleman’s Club, and finally a private studio in the San Fernando Valley. The bus will return to the Rainbow Room at the conclusion of the tour. Alcoholic beverages will be available on the bus and on set. The tour bus is Prop 215 friendly.”

We’re certain adding booze to the equation will hardly equal proper behavior.
If you do go, please report back. If you do not, we completely understand.

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