A MUST SEE: Is Kayden Kross Illegally Escorting /Prostituting to the Public Using the Name Angelika? Check Out International Sex Trafficking and Organized Crime Happening Inside Porn Valley!!

kayden krossKayden Kross is a pornstar currently under contract with Digital Playground while being simultaneously promoted as “Angelika” on the escort website Fantasy Entertainment (which may be an illegal prostitution ring).

Here is a link to the ad “Angelika” on Fantasy Entertainment – and here is the same unblurred photo set under the name “Kayden Kross”

This is very strange considering a rant about not being a “hooker” on LukeFord.com of which Kayden allegedly wrote some time ago. Being that Kayden Kross has been on probation for the past few years however for a criminal act of which she was convicted for… escorting and/or prostitution under an alias wouldn’t be too out of character for this woman.

Adult blogger Darrah Ford may have been correct about “Kimmie Krook” aka Kayden Kross. In regards to the crime of which she was convicted for: the crime involved essentially “scamming” a military vet and his family out of their home.

Glenn Jacobson from Twitter and Kayden Kross
ride ’em cowgirl…

Upon investigation, Kayden Kross currently appears involved with a man who identifies himself on twitter as Glenn Jacobson who seems to quite regularly shower her with all types of gifts and/or favors and displays behavior of which puts even the most dedicated of “fanbois” to shame… Glenn Jacobson appears to be a financially well off, divorced & retired state of California employee in his 60’s. According to several of his blog posts he is currently an avid supporter of activity such as pornstars without children regularly interacting with and influencing elementary school children and appears to stand firmly behind several Los Angeles porn industry efforts.

A follow up article to this situation will be posted here and on www.PornNewsToday.com and www.PornInTheValley.com later this week.

glenn jacobson swimwear for kayden for the weekend
Do Glenn and Kayden have a date this weekend?
kayden kross glenn jacobson
she’ll be home so it appears Glenn could drop by
kayden fwb
hmmm, maybe Kayden’s just Glenn’s FWB (friend with benefits)?
glenn jacobson loves kayden kross
Glenn REALLY loves Kayden Kross
glenn jacobson buys condoms
no comment required on this one
kayden glenn jacobson
Did Kayden put this man in the trauma hospital? Is she trying to kill him?
Digital Playground not respecting Kayden in Glenn Jacobson's opinion
Digital Playground is not respecting Kayden Kross enough in Glenn Jacobson’s opinion
glenn jacobson's blog / forum thread post endorsing sex workers having contact with children
Glenn Jacobson would rather a pornstar educate children than a public figure… click to enlarge

***If you are a pornstar I list under this particular agency and you are indeed NOT associated with this agency, give them a call (or have your attorney or representation do so) – have your photo removed from the site and I will gladly update my website and database accordingly.***

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