SAN DIEGO: Boys Watch Porn on Cellphones and Masturbate During Class in Jr. High – Is This YOUR Child’s Classroom??

Witnesses said teacher didn’t do anything about it

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 8:33 AM
A Connecticut man said a police officer who busted him in 2008 confiscated his cell phone and emailed himself homemade sex videos and photos he found on the phone while the plaintiff was in custody.


Nine seventh graders in San Diego were reportedly suspended for watching porn on their cell phones and masturbating during class.

A group of seventh-graders in San Diego reportedly watched porn and masturbated during class as part of a “gay test” some students created — and some said their teacher didn’t do anything about it.

Nine boys were suspended from Bell Middle School in May after some other students in the all-male English class at the public school reported the disturbing scene to administrators, according to the U-T San Diego newspaper.

In written reports about the incident reviewed by U-T San Diego, witnesses said the boys were wearing gym shorts when they watched porn on their cell phones and several openly masturbated.

Several boys in the 22-student class raised their hands to complain, the students wrote.

But the teacher, Ed Johnson, brushed them off, saying he’d send the offenders to the principal if he caught them, and then went back to reading aloud from a book, U-T San Diego reported.

“It really made me and the other students mad that he wouldn’t do anything… and it was affecting our education and it was nasty, also,” one student told the newspaper.

In the reports, the students said the porn-watching session was part of a “gay test” some students cooked up.

If the boys became aroused while watching certain videos, they were labeled gay, the witnesses said.

Johnson wasn’t suspended because the student’s claims that he ignored the behavior weren’t proven, the teacher’s union told NBC San Diego.

One student said it wasn’t shocking that Johnson allegedly turned a blind eye.

“He’s my teacher but I’m in a different period, and he doesn’t really do much about anything because he’s not a good teacher,” one unidentified student told the station.

“He always reads. That’s all we do in class is read you read with him no he reads and we listen.”

San Diego Unified School District officials would not comment on the incident other than to say that several boys were suspended.

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