HARDCORE Documentary Shows Grooming Process – Bringing in and Down New Meat, Term Porn Valley Uses for New Girls. Says “Gotta Take it to Make it”!!

EDITORIAL: This video sent chills through my entire body and I’m still shaking a little as I type this. This is EXACTLY what happened to my daughter. The more I got involved trying to stay close to her and know what was going on, the more they pressured me to do all the same things. The more I did, the less she had to. It was the way we survived until she finally agreed to come home!!

Thank you Jason. People need to see the truth. This documents the fraud, coercion and force that is used to get the girls there and then keep them. It proves the aspects of sex trafficking once again. They cannot continue to ignore the abuses going on there.

These criminals, these sex traffickers, rapists,  pedophiles and predators are doing these things to young teens and women everyday RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA, filming it and selling to EVERYONE as entertainment. It’s ludicrous and people will burn in hell for this evil!!

Hardcore Documentary
Jason Presley

This documentary contains very graphic and disturbing adult based themes and extremely strong language. I have tried to block out the nudity without losing some of the facial expressions that tell much of the story. There is also an audio version available at the link below. Please take this warning into strong consideration before watching this video.

This is a video documentary of a single mother from England named Felicity. She was discovered by an “agent” and brought to California to become an adult film actress. Throughout the course of the video we are introduced to the pushy and degrading side of the porn, aka “adult film”, industry.

Felicity willingly came to the US to be an adult film star but soon is pushed to her limits by her agent and producers to perform sex acts that are beyond her comfort zone. She is tricked and lied to in order to get her to perform acts against her will in order to make more money. She is tricked into doing a scene with a producer that is known for making very degrading movies. He tells Felicity, “Our motto is we’re not happy until you’re not happy.” He eventually pushes Felicity too far and she runs from the scene. After being sweet talked and failing to convince her to complete the scene the producer turns to verbal abuse and eventually cons her back downstairs to complete the scene. Luckily at this point the makers of the documentary step in five minutes later to rescue Felicity.

Throughout this film we see how the men treat these women as object. They are degraded and dehumanized. When the maker of the documentary asks one of the producers why they can’t film his face he states because what he does is shameful and he is a pillar of his community. During a break in the filming of a very degrading scene in which the women are brutally physically and verbally abused the producer is asked why he makes movies that most people would find degrading to women he replies, “I don’t do that. This is an expression of romance… It’s an expression of love.”

This video is extremely graphic but it shows how even women that enter the industry willing are dehumanized and pushed past their own willingness to preform degrading sex acts. This is the side of pornography that most people don’t know and don’t want to admit exists.

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