Monica Foster Interviews Greg Lions – Ex-Pornstar Known as Rod Pierce, Author and Comedian – More Truths Revealed, This Time About New York

Published on May 7, 2012 by

Monica Foster interviews Greg Lions – author, comedian and ex pornstar from the 80 known as Rod Pierce.

Greg shares his experiences from when he worked as a pornstar and a live sex show performer. He discusses his encounters with Sharon Mitchell (who later became the head of Aim healthcare), Ron Jeremy, Vanessa Del Rio and many other well known pornstars.

Greg gives a synoposis of the 2 books he’s written “The Tangled Web” – a fiction piece with a BDSM theme and “The Seduction of Rod Pierce” – his autobiography.

Greg then explains that it was his being blackmailed, stalked and harassed while attempting to progress his mainstream entertainment career as an online talkshow host, voice over talent and comedian that prompted him to begin speaking out about his porn industry past.

Greg offers advice to young men considering a path into the porn industry and explains the realities of making such a career choice. He shares his thoughts on the current changes in the porn industry such as the recently established condom mandates and also explains his political views (some of which have a dash of a “conspiracy” overtone).

Greg and Monica conclude the interview with thoughts on spirituality, karma and where they feel the united states porn industry is headed.

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