PETITION: Sponsor Safe Internet Legislation for Children – Please Sign TODAY. Your Children Thank You!


This is to request that you sponsor legislation that requires Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operating in the United States to offer to customers at least one general community Internet alternative that is in compliance with existing federal laws meant to protect children from to hard-core, inappropriate materials (US Federal Code Title 18).

This Internet alternative should be “off-the-shelf,” meaning that no extra filtering devices need to be purchased, implemented, or maintained by end users—the alternative Internet service is already delivered in general compliance with federal law.

The Internet was created by government-sponsored initiatives paid for by citizens of the United States. Yet there is no easily available, “off-the-shelf” Internet service alternative for the millions of citizens in the United States who desire Internet access that is free from illegal, inappropriate materials.

The current arrangement is detrimental to the well-being of children and to society.  Our children are being exposed to hard-core gratuitous sex, violence and profanity at a stage of life when they are still developing their beliefs, judgments and values. They are being socialized to view such images and behaviors as normal, routine and comical. The responsibility for delivering a safe, lawful alternative must be placed on the providers of the Internet, not on the victims of unwanted Internet obscenity. As broadband expands to ever more families around the country—as a part of the very fabric of our society—it becomes ever more important to provide a safe, general community Internet alternative for those parents and other citizens who want one.

Please sponsor and actively advocate for this legislation!

Thank you.



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