JOHN LENNON: ‘Stand by Me’ – We All Need to Stand by Each Other to Succeed – Even Dogs Know That ;)

We can see even dogs have the instinct to help others. We, as human beings, should too!!

(Start song on 2nd video and then watch 1st video)

In this amazing video, watch as an adorable golden retriever puppy struggling in a pool gets rescued by its mother.

Seeing her little pup in distress, the plucky dog jumps into the water and uses her body and nose to push her baby to safety.

Reaching the edge of the pool but unable to climb out, the puppy is finally hoisted to dry land by its hero mom — who, it seems, is not called a ‘golden retriever’ for nothing.

While many have lauded the mother dog for her intelligence and bravery, some commentators have criticized the dogs’ owner for “nonchalantly” filming the puppy in distress, rather than rushing to its aid.

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