Dr. Drew Gets in Lively Discussion About Sex Addiction With Bill Maher – You Tell Him, Dr. Drew :)

EDITORIAL: I think Dr. Drew does a fantastic job of addressing the issue of addictions, no matter what type it is. I believe the real problem isn’t the product people are addicted to. We’ve all seen that people can be addicted to almost anything. Have you watched Hoarders lately? And of course, there’s animal hoarding, just plain junk hoarding, food hoarding and more. People are addicted to eating the weirdest stuff and some are addicted to doing strange things. We have a whole society who has become addicted to reality TV.

Sometimes when I watch the insane things going on in America, I wonder if we’re really just a giant science experiment. You know, let’s take this continent and send them into a frenzy. Watch the crazy behavior that results and understand a lot about humanity and how it’s affected by manipulation. Okay, maybe that’s just my Psychology class coming out a little but at least you can see I’m learning from it lol. I do have to admit that, anymore, I look at what’s happening in our country as a science experiment gone horribly mad and in desperate need for quarantine!!

Really though, I believe most of what has happened is due to corporate greed and capitalism fueling America’s addictive behavior through manipulation in media, television and the internet. Media and entertainment constraints have all but disappeared so there’s no truth in anything we see anymore.It’s obvious that Porn Valley, Hollywood and media are all in collusion to sexualize our youth so they can exploit and sexually enslave them. The fact that our society is letting them have their children while they live in a fantasy world of reality TV and credit induced success shows they are completely brainwashed. In my 52 years, I’ve never seen anything like what I’m witnessing our mothers and fathers doing right now in 2012.

We all know Pharmaceutical companies have been the largest drug pushers in the United States for the past 20 years. Check your stats and I’ll bet you find there’s more people addicted to script drugs than all the meth and crack combined. Our government spends billions on our “Drug War” while under the table handing them the right to pump pain pills into all our citizens like they are everyone’s personal pez dispenser. This is another major reason American parents have abandoned their kids.

Bill, I know you’re intelligent enough to really understand addiction so why not help us out instead of being part of the problem making fun of this serious affliction. Addiction isn’t about the product . . . . It’s ALL ABOUT using moderation versus using extreme behavior. Instead of trying to take away all the products, we should be addressing those who are pushing extreme and unhealthy products and behaviors. The rich need to give back to the country so our people feel they have something to live for as well. Addiction is about extreme behavior due to extreme trauma. That’s really not something to kid about, Bill. Or at least, if you’re going to make jokes make them constructive comedy so they can be useful!!


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