East Side ‘Soccer Mom Madam’ has Huge Black Book of Star Clients, Says Rival Pimp – Power and Influence Buys Minors in NY Brothel

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	Jason Itzler, in Union Sq., talking about Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the high price hooker who helped bring down Gov. Spitzer. Itzler ran "NY Cofidential" escort service which he claims Dupre worked for. Original Filename: 7yo3gk0f.JPG<br /><br />

Andrew Savulich/New York Daily News

Jason Itzler, self-proclaimed ‘King of all Pimps,’ talking business.

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	Accused millionaire madam Anna Gristina in court this past week.<br /><br />

Marc A. Hermann for New York Daily News

Accused millionaire madam Anna Gristina in court this past week.

The self-proclaimed “King of All Pimps” claims the Soccer Mom Madam owns a “crazy big black book” boasting more star power than a constellation.

Jason Itzler predicted the once-respected names in Anna Gristina’s clientele will be slathered in mud before the five-year probe into her lucrative East Side prostitution ring wraps up.

His ex-competitor is “the most vindictive b—- ever in the escorting game,” the relentless self-promoter told the Daily News. “Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.”

Itzler, calling Friday from Rikers Island, charged that Gristina used her law enforcement pals to shut down his escort service: The offices were raided a month after he turned down her amorous advances.

“She really is connected,” said Itzler, who goes to trial on drug and prostitution charges next month.

The jailed flesh-peddler claimed Gristina’s cadre of top-caliber talent ensured that she found influential clients who offered protection from cops, the feds and prosecutors.

“When you control the hottest girls in the world, people kiss your ass,” Itzler said.

One of Gristina’s workers told The News that she wanted natural beauties rather than silicone Barbies.

Gristina, jailed on $2 million bond, is not the type to suffer in silence, Itzler said.

“I would expect she’s going to hurt a lot of people, smear their reputations,” he predicted. “Some people should be like, ‘Man, I don’t want to be caught in her web.’ ”

The rest of the world, he said with a laugh, “should sit back and enjoy the show.”

That group includes disgraced ex-governor Eliot Spitzer, who released a statement Friday denying a published report that he knew Gristina. He also denied warning Gristina about any law enforcement probe of what prosecutors said was the suburban mom’s illicit business.

“Eliot Spitzer says that all the assertions out there are totally untrue, and . . . any claim that he violated an ongoing investigation is outrageous,” said spokeswoman Lisa Linden.

Spitzer, aka “Client 9,” was forced to resign in 2008 after cavorting with call girls.

Meanwhile, one of the madam’s mouthpieces, attorney Peter Gleason, is due in court Monday in a dispute with the judge over his public comments defending Gristina.

Outspoken attorney Ron Kuby will defend Gleason’s right to rant at the hearing.

“Mr. Gleason has a duty to defend his client to the best of his ability,” Kuby said. “Lawyers cannot be silenced by threats.”

Itzler, currently held on $500,000 bail, confirmed another tale told by Gristina: That she sent some hired muscle to settle a business dispute with him.

“She sent three linebacker-sized guys to my office at New York Confidential,” said Itzler, referring to his Manhattan escort operation. “One had a gun . . . This woman plays hardball.”

Itzler said the visit was meant to “scare my girls, so they would be afraid to work for me.”

With Kenneth Lovett


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