Tips for Wives of Porn Addicts – Finding True Freedom From the Bondage of Sexual Addiction

by Jeff Fisher on March 2, 2012

Mike Genung’s book The Road to Grace: Finding True Freedom From the Bondage of Sexual Addiction shares his story of recovery of sexual sin and many of the lessons he’s learning about sexual addiction recovery.  In the appendix of his book, his wife Michelle shares her own encouragement to wives of sexual addicts.

  1. 1. Your husband’s porn/sex addiction is not your fault.
  2. 2. Don’t allow your husband to treat you like a prostitute.
    Trust your instincts. – Your gut feeling that something is wrong is probably true.  Be very careful how you act on your instincts.4. Get other women in your corner. – Not to gang up on your husband, but to support you.

    5. If you get a bad egg, drop it and look for a good one. – read this carefully… if you reach out to the wrong person for help, get a bad counselor, minister or friend, keep looking.

    6. Get in his corner.

    7. Don’t look for comfort in the wrong places. – Like chatrooms or the arms of another man

    8. Seek healing for the deep wounds in your heart. – Work on your own side of things and your own wounds.

    9. Make the Lord your first love.

    10. Forgive your husband.

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