Shared Voices for Partners of Sex Addicts – Partners Are Victims Too


At the 2006 Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) conference, I presented a workshop on Trauma and the Partner of Sex Addicts, based on my doctoral research. This work, a new way of understanding the partner’s treatment needs and experiences, became the beginning of my journey as an advocate for partners.

It was at that conference that I met my now friend and colleague, Omar Minwalla PsyD.

I found that Omar was also presenting a workshop at the same conference about trauma symptoms and the partner! Neither of us knew of the other’s work. We met when we sat in on each other’s presentations. For my part, I was immediately aware – this was someone who “got it” from the partner’s perspective.

Since that conference in 2006, Omar and I have worked together and individually speaking out for partners needs and a change in treatment protocols of partners. I’m pleased to share with you a recent article written by Omar – written to the treatment professional.

I hope this article will have several effects. I hope it encourages you, enrages you, makes you uncomfortable maybe, and propels you to help Omar and me spread the word about the needs of partners of addict. Learn more, ask us question, and subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

I also hope you can join me in Atlanta, March 16th, where I’ll present a day-long seminar on The Trauma Model for Partners of Sex Addicts.


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