Ex Pro Wrestler Andre Davis Says Sex Addiction Sent Him to Prison

February 21, 2012

Andre Davis was a professional wrestler who had no problem with the ladies – a proclivity that turned out to be the cause of a few huge changes to his quality of life. His freedom, at least, has certainly be taken away; he was sentenced to 32 years in prison for having sex with a dozen women either without telling them that he was HIV positive or for lying about his status. His reason for making this deadly mistake? Sex addiction.

Sex Addiction and Bad Decisions

At the trial, Davis said: “Sex addiction is probably the worst addiction you could ever have. Drugs and alcohol are terrible, but sex is something everybody wants. I never did a drug in my life, I’m a social drinker, but those things mean nothing to me — sex was it.”

Though neither side was able to talk about whether or not these women were infected with the disease due to medical privacy, it’s clear that Davis took the life of each and every women he slept with into his own hands when he chose not to disclose his status – and the judge took that choice very seriously. HIV, though treatable, is still a deadly disease and sex addiction, though a compulsion disorder, is not reason enough to be able to walk away from endangering others.

Living With Compulsion Disorders

Sex addiction, gambling addiction, and in some ways, drug addiction are all disorders based upon the inability of the patient to stop themselves from following through on an act when triggered, despite the negative consequences. Some who are living with a sex addiction are in denial about it. Others are embarrassed and refuse to admit it. Still others are fully aware that their issues with sex cause problems in their lives – but they can’t stop alone. These two factors – the constant negative consequences caused by the repetitive action and the inability to stop indulging in that behavior despite repeated attempts – are the definition of an addiction.

Sex Addiction Treatment

It is possible to enroll in treatment programs that can help you to address the issues of sex addiction. Talk therapy and, in some cases, medication may be enough to help you stabilize and stop indulging in the behavior. If you are living with sex addiction in addition to another disorder – usually drug or alcohol addiction – then it may be necessary to choose a dual diagnosis rehab that is equipped to treat both issues at the same time.

Do you need more information about sex addiction treatment or treatment for co-occurring addictions? Contact us today to learn how we can help.


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