KARNATAKA: Laxman Savadi, CC Patil & Krishna Palemar Resign for Watching Pornographic Clip – Leaders Must Be Role Models

By now, nearly four years into Bharatiya Janata Party’s rule, Karnatakashould have been inured to scandals. Illegal mining, land-grabbing, embezzlement and sleaze have become so commonplace that it takes much more than a garden-variety scandal to attract attention here. Three honourable ministers contrived to do just that.Laxman Savadi, CC Patil and Krishna Palemar, all middle-aged men in seemingly happy marriages, are now just honourable MLAs, gracefully resigning their ministerial posts less than a day after they were caught watching a pornographic clip in the assembly.
Playing to the Gallery…On Wednesday, the usually empty visitor galleries at the Vidhana Soudha, the seat of government, were packed to the rafters: public-spirited citizens gathered in large numbers looking forward to an engrossing discussion about the act of moral turpitude by the ministers.

They were also there because the gallery was the perch from which the cameraman for a local TV channel invaded into the privacy of the three honourable ministers on Tuesday. This time, all the honourable MLAs kept their mobile phones in their pockets.

“Savadi kept looking down at his mobile and up towards the gallery, making me wonder why he was doing so. That is when I decided to zoom in on him,” said Srinivas Kulkarni of TV9. And then he had his gotcha moment.

Before he decided to resign, Savadi, who was the honourable minister for cooperation, decided to adopt the mien of a schoolboy. The porn clip, he argued, was merely educational material to prepare him for a discussion in the Assembly about another scandal: a rave party complete with sex and booze organised by the state’s tourism department.

Being from the BJP, which has historically placed a premium on morality and ethics, his innocence was such that he knew nothing about the sinful events that take place at rave parties.

…And His Colleague

But being a studious legislator, he was duty-bound to learn, and help was at hand in the form of his honourable colleague, the minister of ports, Krishna Palemar, whose mobile phone contained the educational material. Patil, the honourable minister, good heavens, for women and child development, took his lessons too by peeping into the mobile phone.

It is all well for the honourable ministers to show such studiousness. But there are better places to do homework, and there are better ways to do it too. The BJP, by removing them from their jobs, has shown alacrity, but that is only making a virtue out of a necessity.

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