Cyber Stalker, Donny Long, Is Spotted in Pattaya

By MikeSouth
February 7th, 2012
I got this email from a reader, apparently Donny has moved from the bangkok area, which is no surprise, after we printed his address he was afraid, as he should have been.  When his money ran out for PWL he apparently decided to branch out but keep his same attitude towards life.  If you google some of this you will find that Donny is trying to rent a room above his bar and that this info is indeed correct.  if you’re in Pattaya and would like to say hello to Donny you can find him here….  Tell him Mike South Sent ya.
A Reader Writes:
He lives in pattaya on soi nern plab wan(soi 53 sukuhmvit road)
He lives with his wife and they have a baby about a year old.
He has a bar named  “Kiss my ass bar”  its 2 or 3 km from sukuhmvit road near soi 39/1 it’s easy to find him.
He is not a popular person in this area I hear he has many enemies who want to find him .best regards mike Donnys number, if you’d like to say hello is +66877823940

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