PLAYBOY: Linked Once Again to Illegal Prostitution as Playboy Model Gets Imprisoned by Celebrity John

January 26, 2012 –

from – The Blonde bombshell who is suing boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya for alleged rough sex is asking for $5 million in damages AND an apology.

Former Playboy and Maxim model Angelica Marie Cecora, 25, appeared at Manhattan Supreme Court and in the pugilistic sex case, she charged De La Hoya with unlawfully imprisoning her during an alleged drug-fueled sex romp at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in March 15, 2011.

According to the legal docs, after a boozy dinner and consensual intercourse, De La Hoya, who is married, put on Angelica’s undies. He then ordered $200 worth of cocaine and $100 worth of pot delivered to his suite, the lawsuit suit says.

He then requested an extreme sex act and Angelica obliged. She then her roommate come over to the suite with sex toys, and she repeated the bizarre sex act, the papers allege.

When Angelica and her pal nodded off, De La Hoya allegedly tried to pull her out of bed no less than three times to do the nasty again.

She “was afraid to leave the hotel room because she feared that the defendant would attempt to have sex with her against her will,” the suit read.

Angelica, who wants $5 million in damages for emotional distress, imprisonment, assault and battery, said “It would be nice to (get) an apology,” Cecora said after the hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“Oscar needs to acknowledge his mistakes. He knows he did something wrong.”

De La Hoya’s lawyer Judd Burdstein called the case a crock, telling the judge that the worst thing that happened to her was she missed a dentist appointment the next morning.

He asked that sanctions be imposed on Cecora’s lawyer for a “frivolous” suit filled with “salacious” allegations.

“The facts of the case are salacious because the acts of Mr. De La Hoya were deviant,” Cecora’s lawyer shot back.

He also claimed De La Hoya’s lawyer tried to buy off his client with $6,000 in cash.

Round Two coming up . . .

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