PAKISTANI MOTHERS: Pakistan Telecommunications Authority Officially Bans Pornographic Websites – Praise God!!


From God Bless All of You!!  You are Proof of God’s Miracles

Monday, January 23rd, 2012 5:02:58 by Ahmed Babar

PTA has finally restricted access of porn sites in Pakistan. A bold step taken by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority as pornographic websites was only adding to the annoyance in the society.

PTA has provided a list to the ISP’s in Pakistan to block the frequently accessed adult sites. It is believed that more web pages will be added to the initial banned list of 1,000 websites and as many as 170,000 websites may be banned in the near future.

The currently blocked websites redirects the users to a new page with the following error message, “This page is blocked due to restrictions enforced by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA)”.

The credit goes to the mystery man who used ‘Zombie_Ksa’ as an alias to hack the Supreme Courts website earlier in September. “Supreme Court of Pakistan is in untalented hands” was the message displayed on the official website of most prestigious department of our country.

Mr. Zombie also addressed the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, “I am here to request you to go out and help the poor, needy and hungry. They don’t have money to eat one-time meal, they don’t have clothes to wear, and they don’t
have accommodation … sitting in your royal chair won’t make any changes to our Pakistan”.

He also left a message for the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to block the pornographic websites in the country..

No serious actions were taken by the authorities to cater the valid suggestions made by Zombie. The genius decided to teach the authorities one more lesson as he hacked PTA’s website on October 10th, 2011.

He left a rebellious message for the PTA Chairman, Dr. Muhammad Yaseen, “Ask yourself why Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is victim of ZombiE_KsA ? Baby I’m here to tell this **** world that we are Pakistan, not Pornistan…and
Sir I need your help. Since you have powerful balls and I request you to take action to ban porn sites in Pakistan. Read it again I request you to BAN Pornographic sites in Pakistan”.

Sources believe that FIA has identified Zombie_Ksa as Jawad Ehsan also known as Hamza, the founder of a Pakistani group of hackers, PAKBUGS.

It is important to discuss the importance behind the implication of the ban as it is more than just a moral requirement.

According to a controversial report by Fox News back in 2010, it was stated that Pakistan is one of the top ranked country in terms of porn-related search requests. Some believe the reports to be true while some grade it as just propaganda by the western

Whatever the reason may be, banning the porn sites is a brave step taken by the officials and it will be a real ‘slap in the face’ for everyone damaging the image of Pakistan.

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