INDIA: Salman Makes Choice to Promote the Right Image to India’s Youth – That’s What Real Men Do!!

Source: Daily   |   Last Updated 11:55(11/01/12)


It seems that Angela Jonson has turned lucky, as she’s signed an exclusive deal with the Khan family. Angela always wished to make it big in B’town and now, with Salman’s Midas touch, the dream doesn’t seem long awaited for her. Sunny Leone was the first choice for Sher Khan, but later Angela grabbed the opportunity. 

The Kingfisher calendar model is all set to star in Sohail’s Sher Khan and now, the Khans have signed a deal with the model, which will enable her to be a part of multiple films under their banner.

According to reports doing rounds, Angela will also be a part of Amar Akbar and Antony, which will see three Khan brothers- Arbaaz, Salman and Sohail together.

Also, Angela now after being a part of Salman camp, the actress is also considered for the sequel of Partner. Initially, Sunny was the first choice for Sher Khan. However, the Khans had to think about a second option after learning about Mahesh Bhatt’s interest in Sunny’s debut through Jism 2.

Salman has fans in different age groups, but Sher Khan is especially targeted at his young fans. And, having an adult actress would have probably been a wrong choice. 

So, it seems that Sunny, who gained lot of media attention has lost a chance to be under Salman’s shelter, but Angela has surely walked away with the cake.



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