Great Job AUSTRALIA: Did Typo Lose Their Frigging Mind for a Minute?? US: Welcome to Walgreens in a Year!!

Jessica Craven – From: Herald Sun – January 13, 2012 12:37PM

Typo products

Some of the products offered by the Typo’s stationery brand, before they were pulled from sale. Source: PerthNow

A STATIONERY company slammed for promoting porn-themed products in its back-to-school sale has promised to withdraw the merchandise.

Typo’s product line includes a travel mug that says “Porn is my saviour” and an iPhone cover featuring a naked woman sitting provocatively in a cross-legged pose with the word “dirty” above her.

A notebook featuring a topless woman pouting in front of a bullseye is also for sale, while another appears to be trying to emulate the front of a porn magazine.

In that notebook, the words “entertainment for men” appears over a photo of a naked woman.

Cotton On, which owns Typo, has sent an email to those who complained about the products promising to withdraw them from sale.

“As an organisation, the Cotton On Group respects family, social and moral values,” the email says.

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Anti-child exploitation group Collective Shout had earlier called for parents to boycott the popular stationery chain.

The has approached Cotton On for comment.


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