Another Pornstar Stalked – Shares Her Experience – Same Thing They’ve Done to My Family and Friends

Summer from”>

I thought  I may just need to pass along the situation I encountered this week and share with other porn performers. The risks We all know very well by entering into performing in porn.

I  have always kept my fans close and share interesting facts I often get asked through  my emails and text and twitter and facebook.

Social media has changed how our fans can have  access to us . Unfortunately lately We are sitting ducks. Not only are We at risk. Our families and personal friends as well.

Most porn performers can tell you. We all have been kicked off facebook many times. That social media site is not porn friendly  for sure. But unfortunately. they do ask many who sign up to validate their accounts with their mobile form. They suggest friends you may know.

I can only assume that’s  how a stalking fan found my personal facebook page.

I can guess the suggested friend facebook app or the lovely Donny Long site which gave out my real name allowed a fan from Duluth MN. access to my real page.

Monday afternoon I view my personal page . (not associated with Stunning Summer at all)

two messages in my private mail from two ladies I went to high School with were contacted by somebody who stated he was writing a blog about me. And have they viewed Stunning Summer work . They would love my work. And he stated to one lady he was wanting to know if they knew I was going to be a big star as a kid. Could they provide info on me growing up.

As women who are not involved in porn nor are they familiar with stalking type. They were indeed frightened  not just for themselves but for my safety as well.

They learned quickly not to attack a phone to mobile apps on social media sites.

I am not sure just how many people this person was able to contact. I did delete my personal and my Summer facebook pages.

I did call the guy from the number my friend had gave me.

His explanation was this. He was just trying to help promote me. And He said I thought your family supported you in porn Your should be very proud of your work. I love your work you should  not hide it.

I did tell him how dare he cross the line How dare he contact my family and friends and how dare he even search out my real name and identity let alone the effort to call people from facebook.

I hung up before I said more to a crazy person. As I have grand children I don’t know how far this guy would go to. I never had got one call ,one email from this person. SO to be blind-sided . I do feel violated. This guy violated my family,my friends.

He phones be back leaves me a voice mail to say I am sorry . I really was just trying to help promote you. I am sorry.

I think the porn performers need to know social media like facebook is not the ideal outlet for us. Again a lesson is how porn performers need to be isolated from family and friends to keep our close ones safe.

So attempting to keep our fans in the loop and interested in our lives and that we try to demonstrate we are more then fuck pieces. Somebody always takes it too far.

I feel violated by somebody claiming to be a fan. I feel like I put my family and my friends at risk. All for what? A few bucks? To be open enough with my fans.

I learned a huge lesson here. Using social media and other outlets to promote our work and show e are smart not just fuck bunnies back fired in my face.

Warmest Wishes

Stunning Summer


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