AUSTRALIA: Shows When You Make Selling Girls Legal in Your Country, Your Men Will Behave Badly

EDITORIAL: As Americans reel from watching our own soldiers doing the unspeakable to dishonor the dead, other countries also show that when you dehumanize people by allowing human beings to be bought and sold like meat, this is the end results. God made women as men’s partners to bring ethics and morals to them. Through porn, men and women are no longer making partnerships. Men are flying alone when they choose porn over family life so there is no one to give them a soul as all our men turn away from God and humanity. Mothers are the soul of the earth. Our men must honor and respect women and children or all men will become beasts. When men become beasts, nothing is sacred anymore.

Are there any real men left in our World?? If so, STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT NOW!! We need true leaders in our World. We need Godly men to take us back to humanity (and that doesn’t mean a republican btw as we know they tend to be tricksters who use God as their marketing tool for their hidden agendas, not God’s agenda). I’d love to see another Million Man March for Family Values. We need real men to show these men how to get back to their roots.

Men, what did your Daddy teach you?? Would he be proud of what you are doing right now?? If you can’t say yes, YOU BETTER CHANGE YOUR WAYS OR YOU FACE HELL as your eternity. Just Do It!!

Ian McPhedran

  • From: PerthNow
  • January 11, 2012 5:48PM



    An army chinook helicopter. Source: AdelaideNow

    SECRET Defence documents contain dozens of unreported incidents of sexual assault, child pornography, drug abuse and trafficking and even attempted murder by Defence personnel.

    They also include misplaced land mines, prohibited weapons and one very serious case in September 2010, when an army chinook helicopter’s machine gunner opened fire on ground targets during a training exercise near Townsville, without knowing there were troops in the area. Fortunately no one was injured.

    They are not called “hot issues briefs” (HIBs) for nothing and despite the focus of four major inquiries following the so-called “skype-sex incident” at the Australian Defence Force Academy in April 2011, most of the sexual assaults contained in the documents took place after the public outcry and the Gillard Government’s pledge to crack down on poor behaviour.

    HIBs from all three services obtained by the Seven Network under Freedom of Information laws highlight serious cultural problems within the Australian military.

    The most serious from the dozens of documents released involved a sailor from the navy minehunter HMAS Yarra who was charged on May 4 last year with aggravated sexual assault and strangulation with intent to murder.

    Also in May, a soldier at the School of Artillery at Puckapunyal in Victoria was interviewed over child pornography. He was denied access  to weapons and given counselling due to fear of self-harm.

    The most common “hot issue” was sexual assault, with more than a dozen cases reported in just eight months, including one on Remembrance Day, November 11 last year, where a Brisbane-based soldier was charged with rape, stalking, deprivation of liberty and two counts of assault against a female civilian at Enoggera barracks on November 10.

    In September an air force member was charged with seven counts of indecent assault against a minor.


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