This Shows How Starved Our Country is For Real News and Also, What a Great Job You Are All Doing Passing It Forward :)

I put into google search, the term “Porn in Politics 2012” and found that Foxx Media Group (FMG) was on page 2 AND above ABCNews and CNBC. I love it  We are all doing a great job of bringing people to the truth. Please keep sharing this information. We are making more progress everyday.

As you saw from an earlier article I posted, another country, this time Lahore, has begun the process to ban pornography to protect their citizens. The message is reaching the far sides of the World. I know that we’ve saved many lives already. None of this could be happening without God and all of you and your support. As the word spreads internationally, the rhetoric has begun here in America as well so people ARE talking about porn in our society today. FINALLY!! But, there is so much propaganda and misinformation out there that these chatter sessions usually end up in a stalemate. Nothing gets accomplished and our World continues to rot from inside so there’s still a long way to go.

First on their list of mistakes is to link porn reform with anti gay and anti abortion reform. When I saw this, I said “Those sneaky Republicans always trying to pimp these issues to get anything else done in America. Bastards!! Porn and the depravity that is being pushed as porn has nothing to do with either of these issues. It’s not about right to our bodies in porn. IT’S A JOB! IT’S ABOUT WORKER AND HUMAN RIGHTS!! It’s about taking down criminals who are organized crime and gangs who are pimping out our daughters on a daily basis in America. Again, these issues have nothing to do with First Amendment rights or a woman’s right to choose for her body. I would be happy to help with the definitions needed to get this job done!!

Gays are consenting adults who grow up, educate themselves and choose their mates. Pornstars are teenage girls who know nothing about sex much less sexual predators and satanism. Pornographers are 40+ years old and are hardened pedophiles and sexual deviants and these teen girls are no match for their criminal ways. I only met a handful of people who were really human beings there. The rest were all part of these cults and tricking young girls to take their souls and rape them which is a game for these people. Both men and women there are culpable and should be punished!!

Politicians in America may be held hostage by their own sins in this mess but no one really feels sorry for any of them for the place they are in. And while you destroy each other with your folly, the rest of our country perishes. It’s disgusting and borders on treason. I’ve said this before. It’s like terrorists have taken over Washington DC and the rest of us sit in horror being unable to do anything because they took AWAY ALL OUR TOOLS TO SURVIVE!!

I won’t post political posturing and bullshit on my sites. You can find that on any of the “ligit and respected” sites lol. When I see something about Porn and Politics in American news that’s real, I’ll post it here. Until you see it here, consider what they’re talking about their usual rhetoric and false promises to try to get the heat off their asses!!

Sorry, Washington. We know you have the resources to do better and we’re going to hold you to that standard for better or worse. Americans are starting to speak out about alot of things. Are you going to start listening for once or keep going on the track to Hell in spite of us all??

I mean, we just showed you that Porn Valley recruited an underage girl into porn and now she looks possessed and her life is quickly going to Hell while the World NOW WATCHES. What will it take for you to save our Daughters?? Taylor Momsen is just one of THOUSANDS they’re bringing to Porn Valley to destroy their souls!!

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