More Evidence America Sacrificed YOUR Children – To YOUR Local Neighborhood Pharmacies AND HIGH SCHOOLS – Lord, Please Save the Children!! –announcement

Hollywood, CA- A few weeks ago we told you that adult movie beauty Cassandra Cruz was going through a hard-core sex phase following her firing from the Walt Disney Company but when she recently voiced her desire to have sex with a high school senior even veterans of the porn business were left speechless.

(You have to ask youself how she got fired from Disney. Did Porn Valley lend a helping hand to get this girl back to shooting their pedophilia promotions??)

“Are you kidding me?,” stated Will Ryder who has directed Cassandra in a number of top-selling movies such as Not Charlie’s Angels XXX.

“I told her she couldn’t be serious and do this on-camera but apparently she really wants to bang a high school student.”

Plans are now underway to create a website that will launch during the AEE convention in Las Vegas where prospective high school seniors both guys and gals over the age of 18 will be able to register to have sex on-camera with the horny porn star who was fired by Mickey Mouse for being too dirty.

“Getting fired by Disney lit a fire inside of me and I need somebody young to put it out. I don’t know if something is wrong with me but I just have this wild fantasy of getting laid by somebody in high school.”

Among the most beautiful Latina women ever to appear in an adult movie, Cassandra would be every young guy’s fantasy but to see this play out in public and on camera will raise more than a few eyebrows over the coming weeks.

“Listen, we all have our little quirks, fetishes and crazy things we want to do but if this floats her boat and the high school student is 18 then I guess she has a right to do it,” stated a famous adult movie producer that requested to remain anonymous.

“My wife would kill me if she knew I was even talking about this because my son turns eighteen in a few weeks. I hope he doesn’t enter.”

Now before people start to think Cassandra Cruz has lost her mind, let it be known that the twenty-something Ecuadorian/Peruvian/New Yorker has been working with the Salvation Army passing out meals and presents to less fortunate Los Angeles families.

“I always enjoy giving back and that’s what I’m going to do with some lucky male or female student in high school. I’m going give back everything I have and I bet I’ve got something to give that none of those high school girls have.”

In the meantime as this search gets ready to be launched, Cassandra Cruz is getting hired by the best directors and companies in the business because she delivers hardcore fury with a dash of WTF. Disney’s loss will become some lucky senior’s gain.


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