Hmmm . . . Didn’t Have Anything to Do With Exposing Their Elitist Escorting Ring, Right?? BAMM!!


I got a tip back in September that this deal was done but after trying to source it I couldn’t verify it so I dismissed it as rumor mill stuff.

I got another tip today that it is all the buzz again in porn circles and after calling around all day this time I verified with multiple sources that would know. No word on the price but my sources have it way above 50M. No word what will happen to the contract girls there but it’s a safe bet that Manwin/Brazzers will keep em around at least until after Adult Entertainment Expo in a few weeks.

My guess is that’s when the official announcement would have been.

Brazzers has also been in negotiation with Vivid but no word on how that has panned out.

This makes for an interesting situation because with this purchase Manwin pretty much OWNS all of porn. And this comes at a time when it looks like SOPA is sure to pass which will put tube sites out of business…specially with Brazzers owning so much content, they could do an about face and shut down every tube site…giving themselves a huge stake in the American porn biz as one of very few solid suppliers, and if you think DP is the end of it think again.

Considering this deal happened in Aug/Sep this has been the best kept secret in porn.

Happy New Year everyone.


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