Do We Have a Deviant Sexual Predator with Children Here – Are They Even His?? Are These Children Safe??


We are not sure if the children are this man’s or if he is trafficking in children. Even if they are his children, see what he writes below to threaten , intimidate, harrass and defame Monica Foster’s entire family. This has been going on for over a year now. In fact, they just celebrated their first year of his cyberstalking of this woman and other unfortunate targets of Porn Valley. Basically anyone who speaks out against the industry or leaves without their permission will get this treatment. Well, you could also add anyone who’s democratic might find themselves at risk as well (hint hint Weinergate). Now who would want to hurt a democrat enough to hire these demons, hmmmm??

As you can see from the graphics and other investigative information I’ve posted here that Monica has been kind enough to share with me shows you she is a very talented internet presence who has somehow managed to keep her media career alive in the midst of Porn Valley’s hired cyberstalkers trying to take her down and destroy her. Why would they do this, you ask??

Take a look at the talent this woman has and you will see for yourself. This is what Porn Valley does to those they CANNOT OWN AND CONTROL. Wish upon a star and this is where you are!!

You might want to ask yourself why they would let talent like this not only go unrecognized but would go so far as to send hired guns to take a successful woman down!! Monica has actually documented the entire cyberstalking process, has investigated the entire process and has been presenting it to the world to watch in her personal journal of the devastation cyberstalking and the porn industry has orchestrated against her and her support system. Her viewers are very loyal and are just as horrified as you and I to have been witness to these horrific crimes. This man is obviously very mentally disturbed and should be considered dangerous to anyone who encounters him, ESPECIALLY THOSE WITH CHILDREN!! This is the only reason I post photos of children here. I am very concerned for the safety of these children at the hands of these sick, twisted individuals.

This is his latest attack on XPT for you all to personally witness his depravity. What you are seeing is Porn Valley trying to isolate Monica from her family who, thank God, continues to support her through this whole nightmare. He has been viciously attacking and terrorizing this entire family for a year now. They have done the same to mine. God has also been very good to me and they support what I do completely. Again, I could show you hundreds of pages of this vile, evil spew he sends out across the internet on a daily basis. And he’s not the only one. As you can see, this goes very deep into America!!


Let me know if you want the link to HELL again. I would rather screenshot so you can see a clean version. Porn Valley works to destroy your support system so you can’t survive without them. You have no one left that will have you and America sure won’t hire you. They post defamatory comments, they call your family and friends, hell they’ve even called many of these girls real world jobs and gotten them fired to bring them back and keep these girls in Porn Valley.

I ask you, “Are these even this man’s children and if they are, should a person who is doing these heinous criminal acts be around children much less be raising them??”.

Sean Tompkins of San Antonio, TX, your biz and that of the entire porn industry as well as America’s biz is now international news. They can all thank you for that!! NO MORE “AMERICA’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET”!!

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