America’s New National Anthem – America, Land of the Slaves – We Are Ants Marching One by One to the Slaughter of Our Children’s Innocence

Let’s face it, America brought Porn Valley to the rest of the World (80% of the entire world’s porn production is done RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA) and now it’s up to them to stop Porn Valley from destroying everyone or face the destruction of the entire world’s value system. Porn is ripping apart the very fabric of all our societies. Will America survive 2012 if they don’t turn away from the glamour of porn and stop their destruction of the world’s families?? I predict not!!

As you can see for yourselves, the fact that 2 ex-Pornstar bloggers sent a message across the ocean and India responded and NO ONE IN AMERICA is talking about it shows you JUST HOW DEEP the corruption in America’s Porn Valley really is.

They have a hold on our politicians, our news media and our Hollywood entertainment. EVERYTHING you read in American news, EVERYTHING you see on American Television is PROPOGANDA. Do not believe this is the Land of Opportunity. It is the land of enslavement and terror instead. Do not come to America. You will not have a chance at the proverbial “American Dream” because it has now become “The American Nightmare”. American greed has taken over and people here are worth nothing more than slaves to do the bidding of the Rich and Powerful. That includes taking your children so they can rape and sexually abuse them. You’ve seen it happen many times. Our celebrities, politicians and athletes get away with using people like meat all the time in America!!

 What you read here at Porn in The Valley is the TRUTH. We hope that by reading our TRUTH SAYINGS, you will spread the word and call your politicians. We cannot save the World on our own. It takes a NATION THAT CARES!!

They have been diverting internet search traffic of all YOUR children from the innocent fun things kids love and sending them straight into the depths of evil SO THEY CAN STEAL THEIR SOULS. This has been going on for years now!! This is very illegal and what Porn Valley has just sued and won cases against the Tube sites for copyright infringement. WHY AREN’T AMERICAN COMPANIES TAKING PORN VALLEY TO COURT TO STOP THEM FROM STEALING THEIR TRAFFIC AND COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL?? Because they are all part of the process to break down your children so they can have sex with them. Think about it, everything you watch, read and play has now been infilitrated by Porn Valley. AMERICA, IT’S JUDICIAL SYSTEM AND IT’S CORPORATIONS HAVE ALL DONE NOTHING TO STOP THEM! Your children think porn is normal NOW. They are heading to Porn Valley at alarming rates. They are having sex with strangers for money and gifts. They are raping girls and boys and pimping them out to their friends for fun!

Let’s ask ourselves, “Will America let Porn Valley have their children and YOURS too”??  I’m very sad to report that I believe they have already done so and the WORLD has all gone right along with it and handed ALL your children DIRECTLY to them!!

Will the World survive 2012?? Not if they don’t turn away from Porn Valley. They most definitely won’t!! That is the 2012 prediction of the Truth Sayers!!

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