The Problem is Krell and the Monsters of the ID – Today’s Psychology Lesson

See, there is balance in the world. You just have to know where to find it!

What you are witnessing in this photo is the evidence of how easy it is to break a person down and make him feel vulnerable. This is how the porn industry breaks down girls, grooms them with trauma bonding and then pimps them out for the world to watch as entertainment. Click for More on Krell and Monsters of the Id.

You see this grown man, who is Porn Valley’s Stalker Savant, reduced to his insecurities about his weight. He says he lives in San Antonio, TX and is currently working out regularly at the Spectrum Gym, I’m assuming because of his weight insecurities. He posted the below photo today for a short time to show his belly was not as fat as Monica’s cartoon parody of him. Come on Sean, it was just a cartoon And America is always asking “Why do the girls stay in porn if it is really so bad?? Now that you can clearly see why, what will YOU do about it??

btw, this man has 4 children of which he has custody of at least half of them. He posts photos of them on his blog. His daughter just turned 18 according to his posts. He has been behind the entire TRPWL stalking project. Do you think this man should be raising children??

At least now we have a current full body photo of Sean Tompkin aka who knows. Once again, we have to ask if he is an American Citizen. We estimate that at least 25% (conservatively estimated) of the porn industry currently living and doing business in America are NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS. Why are they allowed to be here raping our daughters?? DEPORT THEM!!

Sean Tompkins showing the world that his belly is not really as fat as Monica’s cartoon!


UPDATE 8/3/2012: Photo of Sean Tompkin’s truck and a recent REFLECTION of him in the righthand corner of the back window. HE’S GAINED SOME WEIGHT!!

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