PARENTS – Raise Your Girls to Say “NO” to Pimps and Predators

I saw the interview on CBS news this morning. I love this book and think this author definitely has the right idea. We raise our kids thinking all these cartoon characters are real (Santa, Easter Bunny, etc.), that there’s a prince charming to take them away and most of all, that there’s a happily ever after. The author is talking about Hollywood and how they give girls a bad image to emulate. This is so true as Hollywood is training our daughters to be sex objects instead of intelligent young woman. This is so Hollywood can rape, sexually abuse and exploit girls. Life is not like this at all and our kids have no clue how to deal with reality once they become an adult and find out the lies their parents have told them all these years.

Raise your girls to be empowered so that they do not end up the victim of some guy who acts like their prince charming only to become their biggest nightmare! I can tell you I felt the same way when I grew up. I had a great childhood but then I hit puberty and reality set in. No one told me what could really happen and no one told me what to do once it did. We need to teach our girls independence and self respect. Let them grow into themselves!




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