Okay, This is Worth a Thousand Words – And the Photo – Priceless!!


Gene Ross from http://www.adultfyi.com and http://www.geneross.com writes: “Pride” describes a pack of lions, and pride is certainly the word to describe a Leo male such as Jeff Mullen. (Actually, he looks very similar to George Bush, wouldn’t you say? No, maybe it’s curious George? LMAO).

As a musician, Mullen, aka director Will Ryder, has had a lot of experience with re-invention. Mullen toured with a number of groups on the road and had that going for nearly 15 years.

[Mullen was with the Boyz II Men tour and worked with the Backstreet Boys, All For One and the MC Hammer tour among others.]

When the music industry collapsed similarly the way that porn is following suit, Mullen, born July 31st, gravitated to the adult industry.

That’s because it allowed him to satisfy his two major cravings- music and naked women. July 31st Leos, by the way are very highly amped in the sex department. The Leo male is generally attracted to the young willowy types. If married, he has a marvelous knack for juggling extramarital affairs.

Mullen got his start in the adult industry on the PR side. The Leo male is very well suited to this occupation what with their personality and gift of gab. But where some other signs are all country club and show with no go, the Leo with his impeccable organizational skills follows through, rolls up his sleeves and gets things accomplished.

Detail oriented, the Leo male like the Cancerian woman will pester you repeatedly to make sure things are good on your end. The Leo male watches and observes closely, and, by doing so, figure out ways of making a bigger and better mousetrap.

From industry PR man with New Sensations, Mullen, the typical risk-taking Leo, made the broad jump into video production and is considered by many to be King of the Parodies. Essentially it was Mullen who re-vitalized interest in that genre by creating the Britney Rears trademark which so spawned its many carbon copies.

The self-confident, sometimes cocky Leo male, will let you know in no uncertain times that he’s an innovator; and so it seems only natural that Mullen following the path of the Leo male’s strong ego, toots his horn at every available opportunity. Image is very important to the Leo male.

The July 31st Leo is also a trendsetter and can be highly dramatic at times. But it’s all a part of the show or stage performance to get his point across. More often than not, however, the Leo male’s misunderstood for these traits.

Because they always have their wits about them, the Leo prsence is good to have around in emergencies. And they are lovers of music and probably own astounding personal libraries devoted to this passion.

With his gift for the funny line, the ballsy, sometimes brash Leo male often flirts with the world of comedy and can make a humorous quip just at the right moment to ease the tension. With his finesse, he’s a great diplomat and negotiator; and his swaggering grace makes him a good catch in the romantic department. Women are attracted to the bravado of the Leo male who can be a notorious skirt chaser. To that extent, the Leo man is extravagantly romantic, and experiences a tumultuous love life.

Gentle in almost all instances, the Leo male, when crossed can, likewise, let out a roar typical of his lion’s namesake. His bark is that old cliché, often worse than his bite. As an employer, they do not like to be crossed nor have their authority questioned. The Leo is also astute in judging the talent or untapped talent of others and takes pride in bringing that to the surface.

The negative aspect of the Leo personality is that he has a tendency to sulk, but a good-looking dame can certainly bring them out of their funk in a hurry. In later life Leo’s are prone to throat disorders particularly esophageal spasms and acid reflux.

Because they enjoyed the outdoors in their youth, skin cancer may be another issue to contend with. Good advice to them is don’t smoke, stay indoors and go lightly on the spicy foods.

For Mullen’s reading his “Draw” card is The Four of Cups, a card reflective of mood, temperament or an occasion. Or all of the above. The Four of Cups tells us we’re either bored or indifferent or feel mentally beaten up.

Finding a convenient island retreat and a gallon of Margaritas [watch out for that acid reflux] might be an impractical solution at the moment, however.

Leo’s are probably the best at feeling sorry for themselves and thus wear their hearts on their sleeve. This is what the Four of Cups is all about.

When a Leo’s in a funk you know about it. It’s written all over their faces. Sometimes the Four of Cups means you’ve extended yourself to another and gotten nowhere.

That being the case, the Leo male doesn’t abide rejection very well and so it puts them in a dither. In Mullen’s reading The Queen of Wands is aspected, and so we’d have to believe part of what we’re seeing is woman-related. She could be a fellow Leo, an Aries or a Sagittarius. Not to pry, but is this someone Mullen’s been living with or considering?

The Queen of Wands is always a looker, undoubtedly has great legs which is her strong suit, and so we admire Mullen’s taste. She’s a woman who loves wine and good times. She’s definitely a partyer.

But the Queen of Wands also uses her symbolic club as a weapon. She likes to pit her femininity against the male’s masculinity. These are women who can drive you absolutely nuts in more ways than one and enjoy doing so. Thus they enjoy playing the game.

The Ace of Pentacles in Mullen’s reading means that the beginning of winter opens new vistas and presents fresh approaches for making a buck. Let’s just say Mullen’s alter ego Will Ryder will be directing for some new companies. But the hand that offers can just as quickly be snatched away, so Mullen’s advised to make sure this is all in writing and to be cautious.

Is there a lease or a down payment on some property also being considered? If so The Devil card warns you this might not be a good idea right now because too many things could go wrong.

In fact from what I’ve been seeing in other readings, the whole period of Capricorn [December 21st to January 21st] could be one of Keystone Kops mishaps and misadventure. The Ten of Cups with The Devil Card says I’m probably right about the property, although now is not a good time to consider money spent in large amounts.

The end of January, after the 21st as represented by “The Hermit” gives all of us better perspective and allows us to see more clearly and rationally.

In his overall reading I see Mullen receiving news about someone he knows being arrested and incarcerated.



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