The Information Keeps Coming in About My Cyberstalker Mike Stack

vineri, 16 December 2011

Regarding Cyberbullies

John Dean has an excellent post up on cyberbullies

Bullying should, of course, be distinguished from criticism.  Bullying is aggressive, uncalled for, and repetitive behavior, which far exceeds censure, disagreement, or even condemnationThe bully calls attention to others in order to humiliate and belittle and bother them.  If you differ with another, you always have the right to criticize.  But you have no right to bully.  The distinguishing factors are the aggressiveness of the bully, the nature of the content, and the purpose of the criticism.  The same is true with teasing, which can eventually become taunting and bullying.Since we have been writing here pornography industry cyberbully Mike Stack has

blocked 97% of his Twitter followers over fear someone is watching him. Political cyberbully ZAPEM has deleted her Twitter account and her entire blog. Next month cyberbully poster child Seth Allen faces a show cause hearing in Maryland that will likely see him jailed due to his behavior during a years long vendetta against another blogger.Cyberbully John Patrick Frey, who lost contributor Lee Stranahan this summer, has also just lost the offensive, Islamophobic Aaron Worthing, leaving him alone to tend his eponymous cyberbully watering hole,

Patterico. We most sincerely hope the writings here, calculated to alert both Los Angeles County D.A. Steve Cooley and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, are part of the reason people are distancing themselves from this odious little troll. Better yet, if the patterns we report here are borne out in a formal investigation, he should be fired and face prosecution for his ridiculous conduct.We know it’s going to come, so let’s get to it:

The Gaped Crusaders are a cyberbullies!

Sadly for the likes of Mike Stack and ZAPEM, not a credible statement, and here is why. Look at the people we have characterized. Each has left a trail of victims in politics and/or pornography over the years. Their methods and motivations are quite clear. And much like pedophiles, this stuff is not what they do, it’s who they are. As long as they have net access and some degree of anonymity they will busy themselves tormenting anyone who falls into their clutches.

As for us, once the little cesspool that is the Patterico blog is drained, we’ll step into a phone booth, shuck the tights and cape, and when we come out it’s back to making LOLCATS and playing Farmville. Don’t imagine we’re excited for this chance to roll in the slime with these degenerates, it’s just a long overdue housecleaning, and nobody else seems to have the fortitude to get the job done.



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