Malcolm Allen, 20 and Devon Sutton, 23, Sentenced to 10 years for Sex Trafficking Teens


Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011  |  Updated 9:37 AM PST
Men Learn Fate for Sex Trafficking Girls Getty Images/OJO Images – Close up of judge raising gavel in courtroom

Two San Diego County men have been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to the sex trafficking of children who were forced into prostitution rings by street gangs.

Prosecutors tell the Los Angeles Times that 20-year-old Malcolm Jamal Allen and 23-year-old Devon Leontae Sutton, both from Oceanside, were sentenced Monday in San Diego federal court. Allen was indicted in April and Sutton was indicted in May 2009 in separate cases.

Authorities say the gangs used websites like Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist to find customers.

Many of the groups’ young prostitutes were runaways. (This is a misconception that the law enforcement continues to confuse with the fact that these girls are lured away from their homes by the pimps who act as boyfriends to get them away from their families. They label them runaways but they didn’t run, they were lured.

This practice needs to change because the public tends to look less favorably at teens that run and create their own situations whereby these kids are tricked, trauma bonded, broken down and groomed before they ever step foot outside their famlies doors in most cases!).

Six other defendants tied to the prostitution rings have also pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing.


Source: Men Learn Fate for Sex Trafficking Girls | NBC San Diego


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