Is Ashton Kutcher Turning into Charlie Sheen?

COMMENTARY | Ashton Kutcher has only appeared in two episodes of “Two and a Half Men” and already his personal life is going the way of Charlie Sheen. Is there some kind of curse on the man who owns the Malibu beach house?

First Kutcher‘s sweetly devoted character, Walden Schmit, cheats on his estranged wife Bridget with two floozies he meets at a bar, and now we find out Kutcher himself has been stepping out on Demi Moore. OK, rumors of Kutcher’s cheating have been floating around for awhile, so maybe it’s not that the show has cursed him but that he, as a latent womanizer, found a natural home in this show.

For years people have wondered how a hot young actor could seemingly ignore the hoards of young nubile women throwing themselves at him to partner with a woman 15 years his senior. That his wife was the incredibly well-preserved Moore helped. Still, could he really be that mature?

Apparently Kutcher has s decided it’s time to see how the other half lives. Star Magazine reports he recently picked up a 21-year-old brunette while bowling with his family. They later had sex on a couch in the home Kutcher shares with Moore. Ouch: When he crosses the line, he goes all the way.

Now a 23-year-old blonde, Sara Leal, has come forward with claims that she was intimate with Kutcher at a hotel on his sixth wedding anniversary. It’s OK, though, because he told her he and Moore had already broken up — they just hadn’t made it public yet.

As if this wasn’t enough bad press for Kutcher, he got his hand slapped by his new employer, CBS, for stealing advertising. According to MTV News, Kutcher did a little unauthorized product placement during filming of “Two and a Half Men.” Walden Schmidt’s lap top inexplicably sprouted a team of stickers promoting companies known to be Kutcher investments.

The only bright side to this sleazy tale is that, if Kutcher thought he was going to get his jollies with these women and walk away clean, he was kidding himself. He was messing with a couple of certified Hollywood barracudas who are clearly gearing up to milk this for everything they can get out of it. Leal is reportedly in hiding until someone meets her $250,000 price, then she plans to spill it.

Next time, Ashton, you need to check out your dates a little better. Of course, if you set out to use people, you can’t be surprised when they use you back. Karma, man; it’ll get you every time.


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