Toys R Us Manager Embezzled $6 Million to Pay for Prostitution Services

Wed, Sep 14, 2011


9/14/2011 – It really pays to be a (sing along) Toys R Us Kid hooker… to the tune of $31,000 per week to be exact.

According to reports from across the pond, British Toys R Us manager Paul Hopes, 59, is now serving a prison sentence and been ordered to repay millions in embezzled company funds he diverted to pay for sexual services.

Court records show that Hopes spent a total of $6 million with prostitutes Dawn Dunbar, Tanya Wieck and two others, at the rate of $31,000 per week.

Toys R Us is in court and they they are not playing around – they want their money back and pronto!

A British enforcement court now must decide if Dunbar and Wieck have to relinquish the expensive homes, cars, jewelry, etc. that they purchased with the millions Hopes stole. The legal question to be answered is whether or not they ‘earned’ or were ‘given’ the money. If they earned it then they may get to legally keep all or part of it. If the mulla was a gift then its time to say bye-bye to the ill-gotten gain.

A judge reportedly appeared shocked when the total was revealed and asked Dunbar how she arrived at her fee and how she justifies it. Dunbar replied; “It wasn’t me that was putting the worth on that. It was Mr. Hopes paying what he thought it was worth.”

Hopes was a former purchasing manager of 23 years with Toys R Us and father of two. His wife reportedly divorced him as a result of his crimes and he is serving a 7-year prison sentence for theft and money laundering.

Judge Stephen John calculated that the prostitutes were paid 10 times the going rate. The judge ruled the leftover money and goods could be reclaimed from the prostitutes. Dunbar reportedly bought cars for herself, husband and father.

Court records list some of the items purchased with the stolen funds to include; Lexus GS300, Toyota Landcruiser, Lexus RS400h, Bentley Continental, an expensive plot of land in Nigeria and bank account containing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A final ruling is not expected for several weeks.


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