Stop Fueling the Demand for Sex Trafficking – It Begins with YOU!!

by Chad Hills

Human depravity runs deep within the heart of mankind. We need not look any further than daily headlines, as evidenced by the recent, massive raid on human sex trafficking operations in Mexico. According to a Global Centurion article, titled “Mass Arrests of Traffickers in Mexican Human Trafficking Raids – U.S. Men Fuel the Trade in Women” …

More than 1,000 people were arrested last week by Mexican police in a crackdown on human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Ciudad Juarez, a town just across the southern border of the U.S. Mexican police rescued dozens of women and at least 20 children who had been trafficked into prostitution …

 Analysts say that much of the violence in Mexico, particularly in the north, is linked to the trade in drugs and humans … According to Laura Lederer, President of Global Centurion, an anti-trafficking organization in Washington DC, “men frequenting brothels and cruising the streets for commercial sex are a key factor in the booming sex trafficking business … This business knows no national borders.”

American men need to understand who runs the sex trade. “The people who traffic women and children into prostitution are violent criminals, often connected to other criminal syndicates and networks” says Lederer. [Emphasis added]

Researcher and author, Dr. Judith Reisman, also discusses how the American demand helps fuel Mexico’s distribution of child-sex trafficking.

Exploring Global Centurion’s website page, Mapping Sex Trafficking – Demand Hub Sex Trafficking, you’ll notice how Mexico feeds into the U.S. demand for women and child sex trafficking. Also, see Florida and major U.S. sporting events, the gambling mecca of Las Vegas (or ‘Sin City’) and the club scene in Atlanta, where child prostitution thrives amidst ‘adult entertainment’ venues offered to locals and tourists.

The self-perpetuating model for human sex trafficking consists of three components (connected like a triangle): supply, demand and distribution. See chart below.

Click to enlarge

The U.S. Department of State Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons offers these statements about ending the demand for human sex trafficking:

“[An end to human sex trafficking] can only be achieved by rejecting long-held notions that regard commercial sex as a ‘boys will be boys’ phenomenon, and instead sending the clear message that buying sex is wrong … Business leaders need to cultivate a corporate culture … leaders in civil society – from teachers to parents to ministers – must foster the belief that it is everyone’s responsibility to reduce the demand for sex trafficking … It is every person’s individual responsibility to think about their contributions to trafficking … it will also be the day-to-day decisions of individual men and women that will bring an end to sex trafficking …” 

Government policies and law enforcement agencies can only work to reduce the supply and distribution of human sex trafficking. It’s up to us as individuals and concerned citizens and the choices we make – avoiding prostitution and pornography – to end the demand.

Let me re-emphasize one sentence that bears repeating: American men need to understand who runs the sex trade.

It’s up to the individuals in each home and citizens is each community, state and country to reduce and eliminate the demand for human sex trafficking.

Psalm 139:11-16 talks about how God knit us together in our mother’s womb … He knew us before we were born, and he created us. Each person is of immeasurable value to God – there are no mistakes.

Are these women and children being trafficked for sex of any less value in God’s eyes?

Are American men guilty of fueling the demand for sex trafficking through the promotion of prostitution and viewing pornographic media venues? Yes.


Broken, In Need of God’s Help

When priceless human lives become mere commodities – to be bought, sold and exploited in the human marketplace for pleasure and profit – we have violated the very nature, creation and image of God. Something in our thinking – in our view of humanity – has gone drastically wrong. Our collective conscience is void and our nature succumbs to salacious, predatory and socially cannibalistic tendencies toward our fellow humans.

In Need of Help Now!


If you are currently a victim of sex trafficking or you suspect or know of a sex-trafficking operation, try to report this immediately by calling the numbers listed below. But be wise and careful not to engage suspicious individuals or situations yourself, as the illegal cartels distributing and supplying sex trafficking operations are linked to dangerous criminals.


Si usted está siendo víctima de trata con fines sexuales, o si sospecha o sabe de una operación de tráfico sexual, intente informar de inmediato llamando a los números que aparecen a continuación. Sin embargo, sea prudente y cuidadosa no se involucre en situaciones o con personas sospechosas, ya que los carteles que distribuyen y abastecen las operaciones de tráfico sexual están vinculados a criminales peligrosos.

  • Report human sex trafficking to: 1-888-428-7581   F.B.I / U.S. Department of Justice Worker Exploitation Complaint Line
  • Find more resources and help regarding human sex trafficking at: 1-888-3737-888 National Human Trafficking Resource Center

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