Mike Stack aka Redgoat, My Cyber Stalker/Bully, Surfaces Again – From DailyKos.com

Wed Jul 27, 2011 at 09:54 PM PDT

Weinergate Perps Pay Dearly
Stranded Wind

I’ve been all over Patterico for the last several weeks, as he looks to be a pretty good candidate for the planner/operator behind Weinergate, but the other players have been getting attention, too.

Remember @goatsred aka Mike Stack, the drunk driving girlfriend beating pornography forum moderator turned Christian conservative activist?

(Photo from Gawker.com when they broke the story about Mike’s stalking involvement in the Weinergate scandal.)

(Photo Mike Stack posted of himself on the porn forum XPT to show me he didn’t care if I knew who he was while he cyberstalked and bullied me for almost 3 years on the XPT site. He posted my personal information online there and it’s still there. He used the exact same tactics as PWL to stalk and bully me. He’s protected by the entire industry for his stalking work. Is he their hired hand or just another perverted deviant??).

This guy has a lot of enemies … and the butthurt is flowing thick and fast …

Stack seems to be either a paid enforcer for the pornography industry, or a really compulsive creepy stalker type. The following Weiner around & setting him up stuff he participated in is old hat for this guy – he has been seen pulling this stuff with women trying to get away from their careers in porn.

Seems he’d managed to remain anonymous behind his pseudo of @goatsred … until he made the mistake of bothering one of our Congressmen.

Now the butthurt is truly epic – here’s a screen shot someone sent me just a bit ago and you can check the original comment on LukeIsBack.com.


PWL here is PornWikileaks, which is now down for reasons that aren’t quite clear, but I’ve heard that some of the people involved, or victimized by this, have been interviewed by the FBI in the last week or so. There was a major HIPAA violation when someone cracked the pornography industry’s STD testing database, and these guys are on the hot seat. Think handcuffs, arraignment, and serving a minimum of 85% of the sentence given in a federal camp before parole becomes an option.

The Real PornWikileaks is a site opposed to PWL and they believe Donny Long is behind the while thing. Long sounds like a real prize – “too repugnant for porn” is the best description I’ve heard.

There isn’t a clear link between Stack and Long, but some people assert that PWL’s unwillingness to carry the Weinergate drama, coupled with other things that have not happened make it very likely that the two men are connected in some fashion.

They sought to hide Weinergate behind the fake teen girl, Nikki Reid, and they lost their cover and the initiative when the “Reid family” was debunked. The California BAR and Supreme Court complaints against Los Angeles County Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey came out, and now they just want it to all stop.

I’m not inclined to let this go. If these people don’t experience some long term, hard core consequences for having stalked and smeared one of our Congressmen they will be left with the idea that this is acceptable behavior.

We’re going to stand over the Twitter feeds and blogs. The minute they name one of our guys we’ll be warning the intended victim’s staff, every move they make will be under intense scrutiny, and this is just a permanent state of affairs.

I hope one of them gets all stupid and decides to sue me – I would love to go on a big fat discovery expedition through their little schemes. I’d post every single court document on Scribd and make sure that anyone they ever bother in the future has an excellent base to work from if they decide to take action against them.

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