Michael Fattorosi Poses As Vanessa Blue To Talk To Donny – This Guy is an Attorney – He Should be Disbarred

The posts make more sense to read to from bottom to top 

From a friend of a friend of a friend

lets just say xxxfilmjobs is very very very insecure and always will be unless they change the software for the whole site.

in case you cant tell Michael is posting from vanessa blues xxxfilms account talking to donkey

From: Vanessa Blue | Block this userView profileDate: Sunday, March 20, 2011 07:09PMSubject:

Here we go again….



Must be Spiegler…


On 03-11-2011, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

Yea the guy is a fucki

On 03-11-2011, Vanessa Blue wrote:

I know that you and him and have been going at each other for awhile now. And I know he’s been spamming the board and has multiple accounts and twitter accounts but now he’s taking shots by pretending to be porngirls and using my name to inflame shit and even going after Vanessa.

I going to see what I can find out on my side.

Thanks for the update.. and yeah I was asleep when you called. Sorry about that.


On 03-10-2011, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

I tried to call you twice but its late and maybe you are sleeping. Anyways here is a list of other accounts Mark has and he has talked about you on those as well but not sure if that helps any. You can clearly see its him because same tweets as his real one. I have emailed twitter about it but they ignore me.






On 03-10-2011, Vanessa Blue wrote:

Call me when you have a second (310) 666-3100 about this thread…


Your guy says the email was sent by Speigler. If it really was I want to know since he’s now using my name to try to fuck with you guys. I will have a serious problem with him if I can catch him doing that.

Thanks. Hope all is well.


On 02-08-2011, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

Yea Mark Pigler has been posting that all over boards and twitter but its Jeremy Steele. Since i don’t post at GFY can you now do me favor and post this link there and tell them that. Look halfway down the page www.pornwikileaks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3017&page=2

Thanks bro! By the way Costa Rica has always been my dream but i hear its overrun with Americas and everything is over priced

On 02-08-2011, Vanessa Blue wrote:

Thank you sir… I appreciate the favor. I really dont deal that much with the girls in the industry anymore. I have a couple of other big cases going including a bunch of the copyright downloader cases for content producers. I am representing the Paris Hilton sex tape owners in one of them.

I get a lot of calls from girls about the site but for the most part I just tell them their real names arent private information and there’s little they can do. I have no interest in getting involved with trying to take this battle on. These internet cases are keeping me busy. People in the industry already think I am your lawyer so they dont really like the fact that Im not coming to help out the girls. None of them have any money and I really dont take blow jobs for legal services.

I think that a lot of people that dont know assume its your site but others are guessing its former XPTers and or a big program trying to get traffic. Anything that seems bad in the industry is always blamed on Brazzers anyway.

Here’s a heads up for you and the Army… did you guys see this thread on GFY ?


Someone posted an old pic of a guy that resembles you sucking cock. You may want to look into that. And if you dont know AVN owns GFY now.

Otherwise Im glad to hear that things are good. We are hanging in there. The downturn is effecting anyone here in LA. From what Ive heard Derek is mostly just an escort site now. Almost all of his money is coming from TLC and he has almost no porn bookings.

I am about to file a case against another agent. I might have one coming against Derek.

Still trying to get out of here either to Italy or maybe even Costa Rica. I hear thats a pretty good place to produce content.

Later. And thank you again.


On 02-07-2011, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

Also they just told me that someone posted pix of you and Vanessa with a link to your lawfirm site saying you were going to have the site pulled down and they were pretending to be you but they didnt approve the post. Just a heads up.

On 02-05-2011, Vanessa Blue wrote:

Hey Donny

Do you have the ability to keep my name and references to Vanessa off Pornwikileaks ?


How’s it going ? Hope all is well. Looks like the site is getting great traffic.



On 12-20-2010, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

What sueing people for illegaly downloading something? What can be done to tube sites overseas that don’t respond to DMCA?

On 12-19-2010, Vanessa Blue wrote:

Thank you. I will let them know to stay out of anything in the future.

We’re good. Still in LA though. Trying to make it to Italy but they have tough VISA requirements. So we will be here for a little longer. Im about to get into that illegal downloader litigation. So I will be involved with that for awhile.

On 12-19-2010, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

Dude no problem but seriously I didnt do anything to them. Back when I had a twitter acount they were fucking with it and I said some shit back to them and that was the end of it. I don’t even remember who all it was but I know some of the people were them that got it banned but there were a bunch of LA Direct Whores. If they don’t fuck with me I wont fuck with them. If someone is fucking with them I assure you its not me. Anyways aren’t you overseas in Italy or some shit? Whats going on?

On 12-19-2010, Vanessa Blue wrote:

I need you to leave them alone. Seriously. I get called with requests from a lot people but I dont bother to contact you unless they are clients and friends. Can you just leave them off your hit list ? And I will warn him and her to not start anything with you.

I would appreciate it.


On 12-19-2010, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

Oh I don’t have a number but I can try you later. I don’t know who those people are but I know Ms’ Teagan and Mr. Teagan attacked me when I did have a account on twitter. A bunch of whores got my account banned and I think one was Ms. Teagan so I don’t feel bad for her at all. Fuck em all lol. I want to chat with you, its been a while so whens a good time to call you?

On 12-19-2010, Vanessa Blue wrote:

LOL… Yeah they are slamming Josh Lehmen a/k/a Mr Teagan and Skinworxxx… They are clients and personal friends. Someone was attacking Jenna Haze and it appeared to be just a fan not coming from you so he jumped in and then whoever it was started attacking him pretending to be you.

Do you know who has @SKINWORXXX @JoshLehman and @Mr_Teagan ?

Sorry I didnt pick up I am in the middle of some stuff today but I can check the computer from time to time…. Are you around later today ? Or leave me a message with your number and I will call you back.


On 12-19-2010, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

Lol hahahah I am sure if they got slammed online they did something to deserve it lol. I will try to give you a call sometime soon and leave you a message. If you have some friends you want to not get slammed let me know. I am friends with the guys running Derek Andrew Hay site and some of those twitter accounts attacking the girls for being HIV gay loving hookers with big mouths and for attacking me. The twitter accounts pretending to be me are mostly Mark Spiegler and some fans but not sure who thats why I sent you that email because I saw that donnylongxxx was talking to you and I have no idea who that is.

On 12-19-2010, Vanessa Blue wrote:

No you’re right it was <information removed for privacy> I ignored it thinking it was someone pretending to be you….

And yes I dont answer blocked calls but you didnt leave a message either.

So it isnt you on Twitter giving everyone a hard time ? I have a couple of clients complaining to me about being attacked.

If its not you on Twitter you need to clear that up. The natives are getting restless.


On 12-19-2010, ADMIN Donny Long wrote:

Also if it was a gmail account and not a hotmail account that emailed you what did they say lol.

Yea the fat slob is a complete fucking loser with no life at all. I would have loved for him to try this shit when I lived in LA and admit it was him, But of course he hid till I left LA. He is a fucking coward. Anyways anything I can do to get that fucking slime ball back I will.

On 12-18-2010, Vanessa Blue wrote:

Hey Donny — Its Michael writing from Vanessa’s account….

Did you email me the other day ? It came from a gmail account so I dont know if it was you or not. So I didnt write back.

And whats up with Twitter? Are you causing people problems again ? I keep hearing your name everywhere… LOL

Hope all is well. Hit me back when you can…


OK y’all here is what I don’t get, maybe Michael will comment and explain it here…..Why would he align himself with a worthless shit stain like Donny?  He seems to be an intelligent fellow, why does he risk everything for Donny?



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