Boycott Lifetime Networks until “Hef’s Runaway Bride” is Canceled


Playboy began the porn industry revolution and became known for their softer side of porn when hardcore porn hit the internet. The problem is, nowadays, Playboy shoots ALOT of hardcore porn using young teen girls though nobody talks about that side of Playboy’s porn. Playboy’s iconic name and reputation brings many girls to porn valley every year to be the next “Centerfold” though 99% of them end up shooting their hardcore porn instead. Playboy knows their name is used to recruit girls into sexual slavery yet they do nothing to set themselves apart from this practice.

Playboy also shoots illegal hardcore porn. Condoms are required for all porn scenes involving intercourse though their videos clearly show that condoms are not being used. This is a direct violation of Cal/OSHA regulations that require barrier protection during exposure to bloodborn pathegens and bodily fluids.

The porn industry has been linked to sex trafficking of teen girls and young women. Many of these young victims end up at Hef’s mansion parties where orgies and illegal drugs run rampant. Now we have Lifetime Television, a network supposed to be about empowering women everywhere instead promoting an industry that is linked to sex trafficking and sexual violence against women. This is all in opposition of Lifetime’s reputation and goals.

Porn does not empower women. Porn enslaves women. Lifetime is supporting illegal porn by promoting Playboy and Hugh Hefner. We, The People of America and the Women of this World, demand that Lifetime cancel “Hef’s Runaway Bride” and go back to promoting healthy sexual attitudes and respect for women everywhere.

We vow to sign this petition and boycott ALL Lifetime networks until they cancel this show and Lifetime apologizes to women everywhere for promoting their sexual exploitation like it’s simply entertainment!



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