The Cyberstalking and then Subsequent Rape of 23 Year Old Pornstar Kacey Jordan

I can’t post the videos here because they are posted on TwitterVids with no sharing capabilities. These are so sad I just had to share them HERE. We know Kacey Jordan from the Bunny Ranch!

Kacey does not go into who raped her but after going through such a traumatic experience and being cyberstalked for some time now, she decides to leave the porn industry. She admits her issues openly. I hope Kacey gets the help she needs to move forward again in her young life. As she said herself, she is only 23. She has a whole life ahead of her.

God speed to you Kacey. Get far, far away and follow your real dreams. You can be anyone you want to be. You can do anything you want to do. You can’t say any of that about being in an industry that allows you to be attacked and abused on a daily basis. You have rights girlfriend. Use them to get where you need to be and never look back



PS. I’m here if you need help. No political or religious agenda and totally confidential. Just plain compassion and understanding and access to programs and people who don’t judge. They only help you to heal and move forward again as the best of YOU (and no, it’s not the pink cross or anything like it)!!

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