ACTION ALERT – National Call Your Attorney General Project

Dear Fellow Americans:

Please join our national Call YOUR Attorney General Project on Monday, May 2, to get our U. S. laws against illegal adult pornography enforced.
Next week, U. S. Attorney General Holder must go before the U. S. Senate and House Judiciary committees for oversight hearings on his management of the Department of Justice. He will face questions from Congress regarding his lack of enforcement of adult pornography laws.
He needs to hear from the American public too!  Call the U. S. Department of Justice on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th on our toll-free line, 1-877-639-1977.
Tell The Attorney General:

1. Porn Harms children, adults, families, and society.
2. We are disappointed you shut down prosecutions against adult pornographers.
3. Please Vigorously prosecute pornography violators!

Please take just two minutes to place a call next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. We need your voice on this issue! Forward this easy and important action alert to your friends and family too. RSVP and share on Facebook by clicking here.


Patrick A. Trueman

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